Mobile Version Having Issues

Since a few hours ago, I’ve been having issues with the mobile version (I use NB pretty much exclusively on my phone). When I click on a topic I’m tracking that has new replies or a notification I got, it scrolls the page down farther than it needs to so that I can’t actually see the post in question on my screen. Also, when I’m typing, it puts it up super high on the screen & I can’t see what I’m typing. The other issue I’m having, although not as big of a deal, is that it won’t show me what thread I’m on when I scroll on a topic (it usually does at the top of my screen). Not sure if this is related, but earlier today, I edited one of my posts & it showed it as edited, but I just looked & now it’s the original post again. I just remembered that my poll votes aren’t always saving either.

I tried to upload screenshots of my phone when I’m typing, but it’s not letting me. When I click the upload button, all I get is an opaque white rectangle in the upper left corner of my screen :woman_shrugging:t2:


There’s also an issue while typing posts, I look at the OP, open the post editor (where we type the posts), then I want to look at the OP again but it shows me the last post (not where I left) and I have to scroll everything again! Especially hard in BNGs.



I’m sorry, this sounds super frustrating! You said it only started a couple of hours ago?

What device and browser please?


Are you experiencing all the same issues as [name_f]Anna[/name_f] as well as this post editor issue?

Can you tell me your device and browser as well please?

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I experience them too, [name_u]Safari[/name_u], Iphone.


I’m also [name_u]Safari[/name_u] on an iPhone & yes, probably 6 or 7 ish hours ago

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I’ve also been experiencing these issues! I thought it was my phone acting up, I didn’t realize it was happening to other users!
I have an android phone, not an iphone!

(Also, haven’t had an issue uploading things yet, just the other things!)



How long has it been happening?

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Same I also get that!

I haven’t been having any of the issues since logging in today! Thanks NB team :grin:

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