Moms due December 2010

Here’s where you can meet moms due in [name]December[/name].

Im not sure yet but im pretty sure that i will be due the end of december i keep getting negative test but i have no period yet its only been a few days but hopefully

I was trying not to say anything for awhile, but quite frankly I just can’t keep it to myself. We are expecting [name]December[/name]. :-). Of course we have no idea what it will be yet, but we have already picked out a boy’s name that we love and have our girl’s first name picked out and are just debating the middles. :-). What a wonderful [name]Christmas[/name] present! :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] found out that I am expecting and due in [name]December[/name] after TTC for four months! This will be our fourth child and we are so excited!


Yeahhhh!! Congratulations Dotsmom! We find ourselves pregnant again at the same time! I can’t wait to hear what name you pick out for your little one. :slight_smile:

So many Decembers! Congratulations to all of you – hey, Dotsmom, great to have you back searching again on nameberry! It’s cool when parents find us looking for a name, stick around to talk names with other expectant moms, and then find themselves here for another round of name-“shopping”.

I’m expecting our first baby in [name]December[/name]. TTC for over 2 years, so this is very very exciting. [name]Just[/name] found out last week. I feel like I’ve been haunting around on this website for months, feeling so sad that I couldn’t get pregnant, and now I finally am! We don’t plan to find out the gender, girl’s name is settled, but boy’s is not.

I’m also expecting in [name]December[/name], the 4th, my husband’s birthday. This will be our second. We’ve got our names picked out already, I think…

5 or 6 babies in [name]December[/name], how exciting! If we have a girl, she’ll be [name]Josephine[/name] [name]Mae[/name] [name]Ellen[/name]. The boy name is harder to pick, we have to narrow down between [name]Vincent[/name], [name]Dominic[/name], [name]Gabriel[/name], [name]Marius[/name], [name]Sebastian[/name], [name]Edmond[/name], and probably there will be even more names before there are less (for most of the boy names the middle name will be [name]Reid[/name]). Good thing we have lots of time… it’s so hard to choose. (Okay, I just realized, we have a female form of [name]Joseph[/name] and a male form of [name]Mary[/name] for a [name]Christmas[/name] baby! As long as we don’t end up with b/g twins I don’t think it will be a problem!)

Wow, I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to see your final combos.


First of all, CONGRATS [name]December[/name] Mommies!!

  • I know I’m early - but is there a Mom’s board for Mom’s due in [name]January[/name] 2011? My due date is [name]January[/name] 20th! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to everyone! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post here or not (I’m the dad!) but our beautiful baby is set to make his/her appearance [name]December[/name] 2.

Let’s make a group! I’m due [name]January[/name] 16th!

[name]Hi[/name] there! It seems nobody has posted here for a while. Well I will go ahead and give it a shot…
I am due [name]December[/name] 1st 2010. Anyone else due that day? [name]How[/name] are all the [name]December[/name] 2010 due date mamas doing?

Well I posted here earlier but I miscarried at 12 weeks. Now I am actually 12 weeks pregnant again (and had a great ultrasound yesterday) and am due [name]April[/name] 19.

jlyn- sorry for your loss, but it’s very exciting that you are expecting again!! [name]April[/name] is not too far away right? :slight_smile:

I’m pregnant w/ twin girls due in [name]December[/name]. The official due date is Dec 26th, but I guess twins are considered full term at 37 weeks so that puts me around Dec 5th. So, I usually just tell people ‘in [name]December[/name]’

The girls will be #3 and #4 for us. We have two daughters ages 6 and 8.