Mood Boards

I missed the beginning of this trend obviously. Would love to hear when it began and how it’s used and why you think it got so big. Is it mostly about names?

I don’t know if I understand it all either but this here’s to the best of my knowledge.

It started a few months ago when some users noticed they have very strong associations about the imagery of names, either due to color synesthesia (“the initial A is red”) or active imagination/associating (“Irish names evoke the picture of faeries”). I don’t know who did it first, but after the first thread that offered this as a service (“I will tell you what colors this name is to me” etc), many more followed. At first they included mood boards for users instead of names too, but that part soon died down.

In general, mood boards aren’t mostly about names. They are big on tumblr (and probably more sites that I don’t know about) and exist for movies, weathers, lgbt identities, and just, well, moods. Basically for everything.

Why is it so big? I don’t know. I guess we all enjoy the pretty pictures, and we like to dream about who the people with our favourite names could be. And seeing the great collages other people can put together, people wonder if they can do that, too, and join the creating side (guilty myself :wink: ).