Most weird names you've heard

Hey, I saw a topic here in NameBerry once about it, but now I don’t remember the name :slight_smile: So I decided to creat one …
And if i could, i would like to ask you : WHAT’S THE MOST WEIRD NAME YOU HAVE [name]EVER[/name] LISTENED ?

I once watched a show with a woman named [name]Cricket[/name]. It was a real person, not a fictional character.

I once met two boys one named [name]Rio[/name] the other Jennairo. Their parents were originally from [name]Brazil[/name].

Over on an article about ‘16 and Pregnant’, they enquired if readers had their children’s names picked out - one woman has chosen Vanity for a daughter’s middle. Classic case of nice sound but awful meaning :frowning:

LOL. oh dear God!

[name]Cricket[/name] is actually a pretty common nickname for [name]Catherine[/name]! I have known more then one “[name]Cricket[/name]”!

I KNOW a boy named dang-dang he is dang jr lol