Mother's Intuition?

So i have wondering about mothers intuition latley. I feel as though we are having a girl. We had our girl names picked out very early on, and have constantly found ourselves refering to baby as ‘she’ or ‘her’ and we have a horrible habbir of calling baby, ‘[name]Baby[/name] [name]Alice[/name]’. It is just natural. [name]Both[/name] me and my husband think baby is a girl, however my mom insists that because we cant agree on a boys name, and think its a girl, that it will be a boy! And then it made me think, what if i just THINK its a girl, because we (as bad as htis sounds) want a girl first? But i still just think baby is a girl. So has anybody else had mothers intuition? Where you right? wrong? Did anybody challenge you on it? What made you think the baby was one gender or the other? We find out the gener next thursday, which i am very excited for. Most of my family is going to the appointment so it will be interesting. Thanks!

I could have written that post back when I was preg with my dd1 who is now approaching 3…i was right 2 for 2 now… We are now thinking about baby#3 and I keep thinking in my gut that we will have a boy next we shall see!..but I do know of plenty ppl who insisted the gender but lo and behold they were wrong

Sometimes I think that mother’s intuition can be misconstrued with wishful thinking. What I mean is that you might ‘feel’ like you are having the baby or gender that you’ve always desired or imagined you would have as opposed to a true intuition of the child you are carrying. On the other hand, I think wishful thinking can fool you too. If you have a strong preference for a specific gender, you might convince yourself you are having the opposite so as to avoid harsh disappointment.

I will share with you my experience. In the early days when I was dating my husband, we shared a love for canoe tripping. We were both of the age that we thought about having a family together. Soon we would be wed and looking forward to bringing babies into our lives. While we were camped on an island in the backcountry, we saw another family in a yellow canoe - mother, father and two girls, maybe 4 and 6 years old- presumably they were camping also. We really identified with the image of this sweet family and I have wanted that configuration for myself ever since. Granted, I always thought I would like to have a girl, it wasn’t until then that I was struck with wanting two. And what do you know, I’ve got a 3 year old girl and am pregnant with my second girl. [name]Lucky[/name] me, or could it be more than luck perhaps? Did my husband and I somehow ‘intuitively’ know when we spotted that yellow canoe and identified with that family that that would be ‘us’ in a few years time?

I can’t say as that I ever felt a real intuition about the sex of either of my two babies. I would like to say in hindsight that I knew deep down that they were both girls, but instead, it could have simply been that I was feeding on the desired image I had of a family. Interesting too, is that I convinced myself in the final stages of pregnancy with my first, that she was a boy. Now with my second, before learning the sex in utero, I again convinced myself that she was a boy. We were shocked when the technician told us girl.

Well, there is no real science here that is for sure! [name]Just[/name] a story I thought some might relate to or find interesting. And on a side note, even though we ended up with the family that I had envisioned for us, I should think that whatever sex or configuration you are blessed with in the end, will feel ‘right’ for your family.

I was hoping for a boy (I’ve always wanted a little boy) when I found out I was pregnant. We kept referring to the baby as he and then I started feeling like I was wrong. Now I’m pretty much sure it’s going to be a girl. I don’t know WHY I think it’s a girl. Maybe I subconsciously WANT a girl more than I thought I wanted a boy. Maybe I felt guilty about hoping for a boy or maybe it’s actually a girl.
I am dying to know now. I have about a week until my appointment and I cannot wait.
I know I will be happy with either gender but I [name]JUST[/name] WANT TO KNOW.
It’s killing me.

Everyone I know thinks I am having a girl except my future sister in law. She insists it’s a boy and is always texting me random boy names (since we have no names picked out) and calling the baby her nephew. I think it’s a girl, but It could be wishful thinking. I have horrible morning sickness and I have been reading that you are 50% more likely to have a girl with bad morning sickness but who knows. I still have awhile to go until the ultrasound for the sex.

Well, I ‘knew’ I was having a girl, everyone who saw me predicted a girl,and sure enough, she was! When the ultrasound tech told us, I started to tear up and DH said ‘why are you crying? you knew it was a girl all along!’ I think I read that something like 70% of mothers correctly guess the gender.