So we were talking about this on the teenberries thread, since a lot of us like music and singing, here’s a thread to share covers, originals, lyrics, anything music related! (Instruments too!)


I’ll go first

This is my original, called “When the Sand Meets the [name_u]Sea[/name_u]”

Who’s next?


Hey, I play the flute. I can also play the sax but as I don’t have lessons I’ve kind of stopped


I swear music is an actual life saver. i honestly dont know where id be lol. [name_m]Ive[/name_m] been in a meh kinda depressed mood (today was terrible but not like bad luck or anything drastic just a not good day) but i put some music on and after about 10 times of the song playing it lifted my spirits completely like HOLY MOLY it completely calmed my thoughts and i feel a lot better

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Exactly! [name_m]Just[/name_m] blast some music when ur down and ur all better again!

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have any of y’all been to NYSSMA? or all state or something else like that?

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when covids profer over, i want to go to a concert!! ive never been to one before it sounds awesome!

im listening to a trap remix 8d version of adele’s Rolling in the Deep is absolutely amazing!!! cos it’s 8D, it pans from each ear and feels like the music is going in a circle around me

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I might delete that since it’s a bit… political / controversial, if that makes sense? There may be some people on here who don’t agree with the message.

(I’m not taking sides, just a bit cautious!)

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i really like this. you’ve pretty accurately summed up the thoughts that have been floating around my head for however long, months possibly. lol thank you for making this

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