My Danish Great-Grandparents seem to have really loved names

My great-grandparents emigrated from Denmark to the US in the early 1900s, and gave each of their children two middle names. Thought you might all enjoy their choices:

[name]OSKAR[/name] [name]CHRISTIAN[/name] MARINUS
[name]ANNA[/name] [name]KRISTINE[/name] [name]MATHILDA[/name]
[name]HANS[/name] [name]HENRY[/name] [name]MARTIN[/name]
[name]NIELS[/name] [name]CHRISTIAN[/name] MARTHINUS
THOMINE [name]MARIE[/name] [name]JENSINE[/name]
[name]EMMA[/name] [name]KAROLINE[/name] [name]AUGUSTA[/name]
[name]GEORGE[/name] [name]CARL[/name] TOFT
[name]ELNA[/name] [name]HELENE[/name] [name]EMILIE[/name]
[name]ADIN[/name] [name]ELMER[/name] [name]ADELBERT[/name]
[name]ESTHER[/name] [name]HARRIET[/name] [name]MARGUERITA[/name]
[name]ELSIE[/name] [name]VIOLA[/name] [name]KATRINE[/name]

Apparently Uncle [name]Adin[/name] lived his life thinking it was an unpopular name. Not so much anymore, though his spelling is!

Very interesting! There are some great names in there!

You’ve got some great family names to choose from if you want! Impressive

[name]Esther[/name] [name]Harriet[/name] [name]Marguerita[/name] is my favourite but I also love [name]Mathilda[/name], [name]Augusta[/name], [name]Jensine[/name] and [name]Elsie[/name] [name]Viola[/name]. From your male ancestors, I like [name]Oskar[/name], [name]Hans[/name] and [name]Niels[/name] the best. Thanks for sharing!