My dilemma - Pandora.

So, [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] has been one of my favorites for about 3 years now (that’s when I first got into names), but lately I’ve been second guessing myself. Certain things, like the radio station for example (even though I’ve never used it), have turned me off a little. But then, my love for the name always comes back! I wouldn’t want everyone to automatically think of the radio, but I still really love it. This is my dilemma.

So I guess what I want to know is, how do you feel about the name? What does the name make you feel/see? Does the radio station turn you off enough to never use it?

For me, I don’t see too much, [name_f]Pandora[/name_f]'s a feeling more than anything. [name_f]Serene[/name_f], but chaotic at the same time. Mystical. Magical. Enchanting. Intriguing. Cool and crisp. Fun, but a little gothic-y. I’ve always seen purple and pink, and a hint of an icy, deep, misty blue. It sparkles.

I am not sure what radio station you are referring to, I have never heard of it but I am Canadian. I think if it is a radio station in your local area it would only be locals that would be aware of. When I hear the name [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] I think it is lovely but I associate with the myth which is unfortunate because it is a beautiful name. The nn Pandy is gorgeous.

I see the planet in Avatar.

Apart from that, I think people mainly associate [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] with '[name_f]Pandora[/name_f]‘s box’, and I would be worried about how that might play in high school.

It’s a bit much for an actual child, but I do get the appeal. Never heard of [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] radio.

I don’t see anything wrong with it as far as the web-radio is concerned. It’s not exactly the ‘new’ thing and seems to be pretty close to on the way out.

[name_f]Pandora[/name_f] is a fairly common self-chosen name for people involved in certain sub-cultures. Like, 3 in the same room common. Which would be an issue for me, since I know so many people who go by that already. I’m told it’s popular because of the association with the original feminine as well as having dark (very dark) connotations.

I’d have a little bit of an issue naming someone after the legendary figure who unleashed all evil upon humanity… from a jar, I might add, not a box.

Which brings me to the pervy “[name_f]Pandora[/name_f]'s Box” pun that would inevitably be encountered.

There are a lot of Greek names that have that sort of feel to them though. Here are some of my favorites:
[name_f]Hera[/name_f]- sister of [name_m]Zeus[/name_m], goddess of women, also leaves the end open for gothic interpretation
[name_f]Astraea[/name_f]- goddess of justice and innocence, that statue you see in front of courthouses
[name_f]Demetra[/name_f]- from [name_f]Demeter[/name_f], goddess of the harvest and fertility of the earth

Also, [name_f]Hypatia[/name_f], but that’s just because she was a real person who thoroughly schooled a bunch of male senators on logic. [name_u]Win[/name_u]!

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I didn’t even think about the radio connection, and I’m aware of it, so there you go. I love [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], and would be ecstatic to meet one.

I love it and I know one, but I always think of the myth and unleashing evil onto the world. I feel similar to [name_f]Eve[/name_f] but she didn’t unleash all evil onto the world.

Also, I’ve started putting myself in a teenage boys mind when thinking about names to see how sexual I can get with them and the first thing I think of is “Hey [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], can I open your box?” “Hey [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], I heard you let [name_m]Tommy[/name_m] open your box.” “Hey [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], how many boys have opened your box?” It lends itself ever easily to sexual teasing. (I feel the same way about a girl named [name_u]Everest[/name_u] and things like that).

I love love love [name_f]Pandora[/name_f]. Ultimately, I don’t think the radio station would be a big issue. If it was something more negative, then yes, I’d avoid it; but the connection to the station isn’t something that I think would have a negative affect on a child.

Also, I think the fact that [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] IS so enchanting and gorgeous kind of overrules the radio problem. It’s mystifying and beautiful in its own right, and I never think of the station when I hear/see it. I do agree, though, that the “[name_f]Pandora[/name_f]'s Box” jokes would probably be a factor. It’s definitely something I think kids would jump on (if they knew about the legend, and I suppose most people do? I really don’t know, haha).

I believe that when [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] opened the box/whatever it was that she also unleashed some good things on the world, too. Is that true of the myth? I don’t remember where I heard it. It might just be a different variation and not a widespread one. I thought she also unleashed things like hope…

Seconded, too, on [name_f]Hypatia[/name_f]. Ugh, it’s so beautiful.

In many versions, hope is the only thing left behind in the box.

Oh…that puts a slightly different spin on things.

I forgot to mention, I also love all of lifewontwait’s suggestions, not just [name_f]Hypatia[/name_f] (although it’s my favorite).

As far as I know, mythology is still something that’s at least loosely taught in school. It was 4 years ago when I was in high school and I had another member tell me that in high school mythology is taught like literature in another thread. Anyway, it’s one of the most well know stories.

Also, just to mention, there’s the myth, the radio, the jewelery, and now the [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] Virus, the largest virus thus far discovered.

As for the myth dons priestess cap :

It was a jar, not a box for starters. The word is pithos (jar) but has been mistranslated as pyxis (box). It was the type of jar as large as a person and used for storage of wine, grain, or for burying bodies. It contained all the worlds evil. [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] was created by [name_m]Zeus[/name_m] through Hephaestus as a punishment against Prometheus for stealing fire from the gods. He gave her beauty and cunning and curiosity. When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, [name_m]Zeus[/name_m] took vengeance by presenting [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ brother. With her, [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] was given a beautiful jar – with instructions not to open it under any circumstance. Impelled by her curiosity (given to her by the gods), [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] opened it, and all evil contained therein escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom – the [name_f]Spirit[/name_f] of [name_f]Hope[/name_f] named Elpis which was suppose to help mankind in their future suffering. [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], deeply saddened by what she had done, feared she would have to face [name_m]Zeus[/name_m]’ wrath, since she had failed her duty; however, [name_m]Zeus[/name_m] did not punish [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], because he knew this would happen.

takes off priestess cap – and now you know. I have such an aversion to the name because she was a woman specifically created and given gifts to hurt mankind with terrible evil and to punish a man for trying to give humans fire. The best thing about it is the nn Panda or Pandy which can be gotten from Pandia. It means “all brightness” and she’s the daughter of [name_m]Zeus[/name_m] and [name_f]Selene[/name_f]. “exceeding lovely amongst the deathless gods” Pandia might also have represented the full moon.

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My friend named her daughter [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], when I first heard it I did think of the Greek Myth, but when I met her she was so sweet, calm, and a lovely little girl. I love the name now after I met her! I think you should go for it if you truly love it.

Thanks for the clarification!

I just had to post this because I wanted to say that I [name_f]LOVE[/name_f] Pandia. It’s so lovely.

I agree [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] is better left to fantasy novels for the aforementioned reasons. I’d like to suggest some sound alikes!

[name_f]Eudora[/name_f] (lovely lovely lovely! Rare, but I could see it coming back!)
[name_f]Andora[/name_f] (a beautiful town in [name_f]Italy[/name_f], with lots of nickname options!)

Or on the flipside,

Thanks for the replies everyone! And thank you Dantea for giving the full history of the myth! I’ve never known all of the details.

I’ve decided that I love [name_f]Pandora[/name_f] enough to use it if I ever decide that I want to. So thx again! :slight_smile: