My long-awaited blog post is up!

I’ve finally got the post at my personal blog up that I had been discussing with [name]Linda[/name] about. She said the blog might be a bit long for Nameberry, so I just decided to go ahead and post it at my site and give the URL here. The subject is about categories of names that were once considered taboo becoming not so, and how there tends to be a new one that becomes mainstream again every 40 years or so. I have provided links there to help those not familiar with the esoteric generational theory concepts if you’re interested. Here it is:

Very interesting blog post! I’m glad you posted this here. I love reading about the history of naming trends, and the idea of cultural and religious taboo names really appeals to me. I’ve also been wondering about the future of Arabic and Muslim names in the US…there are a lot of really nice-sounding names of Arabic origin that are severely underused here.

Keep blogging! It’s especially nice to see another male name fan on here, lol. :slight_smile: