My neice renamed herself.

Her name is [name]Kaelyn[/name] and she’s three. It’s not that she won’t respond to her real name anymore, but she refers to herself as [name]Emily[/name] all the time. “I’m [name]Emily[/name] the mermaid” “I’m [name]Emily[/name] the queen!”. I wonder if she’ll keep it up.

too funny. I grew up next door to a [name]Jill[/name] who decided around that age that she was really an [name]Ashley[/name]. She kept that up for years. I had to laugh all these years later–she just had twin girls and one of them is [name]Ashley[/name] [name]Nicole[/name]. So maybe you have a grandneice [name]Emily[/name] in your future!

Note to [name]Kaelyn[/name]: We on Nameberry fully support your efforts to ditch [name]Kaelyn[/name] for the classic [name]Emily[/name]. Stay strong, be brave, and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Oh that is too adorable :slight_smile: [name]Emily[/name] is much better than [name]Kaelyn[/name] - let’s hope it sticks!

My daughter [[name]Matilda[/name]] decided she wanted to be called [name]Hollie[/name]-[name]Manon[/name] about 6 months ago. We had to call her that for a couple of weeks or she wouldn’t reply!! Thankfully she grew out of it :slight_smile:

my daughter is getting over a month-long rhonda phase. “rhonda” batted her eyelashes incessantly and refused to eat anything green. needless to say, i’m not sorry to see her go (and i have NO idea from whence she came; the name rhonda is nowhere in our lives).

I’d love a grand-niece named [name]Emily[/name], hopefully by then it won’t be so popular!

[name]Sophie[/name], that is so funny! I watched a 4 year old [name]Sophia[/name] until I had my baby, and she has a baby brother and for months she referred to herself as “baby number 2” (even though she was baby number 1). She’d crawl and act like a baby, oh man, it was pretty annoying! Good thing your daughter grew out of it!

lejeunesse, yikes, [name]Rhonda[/name] doesn’t sound too nice!

haha I knew a girl who did a similar thing her name was kate but then she decided to go by sarah she told everyone that her new name is sarah. the teachers at her school even started to call her that. her mom refused to call her that she said i named you kate for a reason and it wasnt for you to change your name to sarah. she is now sarah and im afraid she always will be.
i personally think its okay to rename yourself. i hope you incourage her to call herself whatever she wants to be called