My new Guinea Pigs

Were getting two new new baby guinea pigs in a couple weeks and need some names. They have to be girls because we already have two rabbits that are girls and we dont want weird bunny-guinea pig creatures. So, I guess they would be bunny pigs…anyway we need some cute guinea pig names.

I was thinking about [name]Ginger[/name]? What do you think of that one?

Any other ideas?

Rabbits have noting to do with guinea pigs, they wont have children together (you dont make children with monkeys either?)

I think [name]Ginger[/name] only works if one of em is ginger :lol:

I know thats what I meant that only one is [name]Ginger[/name]…Sorry. But, it is possible that rabbits and guinea pigs can reproduce.

I think she meant that the name only works if the guinea pig is ginger-colored, or reddish. You know? And actually, rabbits and guinea pigs cannot reproduce. If animals are of different families (such as cats and dogs) they can’t breed. It’s only animals that are different species but the same family (such as horses and donkeys) that can breed under certain conditions. So don’t worry about that, lol. But it’s still not good to keep them in the same cage.

For one guinea pigs and rabbits cannot reproduce! Lol. Secondly it’s a common myth that it’s ok to keep guinea pigs and rabbits in a hutch together as the rabbits are dominant and will bully the guinea’s making their poor little souls very miserable :frowning: Google it and you’ll find a lot of articles backing that up.

As far as names, [name]Ginger[/name] is nice if one is ginger! Maybe you should wait to say how they look first! I have two gorgeous 3 year old boy guinea’s, [name]Jack[/name] (black) and [name]Harvey[/name] (ginger and white). Good luck but please I beg you to study more about those darling little animals before you get any because no offence but you don’t seem to know much about them and it’s not fair on them! Anyway hope you find some lovely names :slight_smile: