My Post Was Flagged and I Don't Know Why!

Hello, I just posted in girl’s about a name for a female character. I don’t believe I put anything in it that deserves to be flagged, but it was! I’m new here and want to make sure that I didn’t do anything wrong! @katinka, I’ve seen that you offer help a lot around here, so I just wanted to know if you could tell me why? Thank you, and sorry if I posted something wrong!

The post is called “Name Help,” and was in girl’s.

Don’t take it personally, you probably didn’t say anything rude. They probably just wanted the badge, you didn’t do anything wrong :heartpulse:


Thank you! I was worried!

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Hi @ErinNH, don’t worry!

It was just flagged up for being in the wrong category, and when one of our mods went to move it to the right category, they accidentally hid the post.

Sorry for the trouble! I’ve now unhidden it for you.

(I vote [name_f]Anya[/name_f] :wink: )

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