Name Association : Come Play!

[name]Just[/name] for fun, when you picture these girl names… what kind of girl do you picture?? (And I know it’s hard, but try to clean slate it and not think of people you’ve known/know with these names!)


[name]PENELOPE[/name] - I picture someone very happy and peppy, fun to be around!
[name]QUINN[/name] - A boy :frowning:
[name]KENZIE[/name] - Sporty, cool, popular, beautiful, I guess a head cheerleader type
[name]WILLOW[/name] - Earthy and artsy, loves to laugh
[name]SLOANE[/name] - Edgy and cool but not in a harsh way
[name]PIPPA[/name] - Spunky, very spunky!
[name]FIONA[/name] - Quiet and shy, a good friend
[name]ETIENNE[/name] - Exotic, maybe a little slutty though :frowning:
[name]MIRABELLA[/name] - sweet, teacher’s pet type, a little nerdy
[name]MINKA[/name] - the cool girl, future model
[name]NORAH[/name] - the plain jane type, nothing sticks out at me for this one.

[name]PENELOPE[/name] - An upbeat girl who has lots of friends.
[name]QUINN[/name] - A boy.
[name]KENZIE[/name] - A cheerleader or volleyball player.
[name]WILLOW[/name] - A casual, [name]Earth[/name]-conscious type who volunteers a lot.
[name]SLOANE[/name] - A preppy girl who isn’t very nice.
[name]PIPPA[/name] - [name]Penelope[/name]'s best friend and co-organizer for all the school dances.
[name]FIONA[/name] - The quiet girl.
[name]ETIENNE[/name] - A French boy.
[name]MIRABELLA[/name] - A sweet, responsible girl.
[name]MINKA[/name] - The exotic girl who attracts the attention of all the boys.
[name]NORAH[/name] - The centered, cool-headed girl who isn’t too frilly but has a feminine side.

[name]PENELOPE[/name] - A fun, quirky girl.
[name]QUINN[/name] - A tomboy.
[name]KENZIE[/name] - A girly girl.
[name]WILLOW[/name] - Sweet and maybe a little nerdy.
[name]SLOANE[/name] - Cool and unique.
[name]PIPPA[/name] - Preppy and maybe a little stuck up.
[name]FIONA[/name] - A quirky redhead. Maybe Shrek has guided this view a little… lol.
[name]ETIENNE[/name] - Someone from another culture. Friendly.
[name]MIRABELLA[/name] - Girly girl.
[name]MINKA[/name] - Pretty and popular.
[name]NORAH[/name] - Sweet and quiet.

[name]PENELOPE[/name] - Very girly girl, whimsical, likes flowers & animals, but wont be pushed around and with a very stong but gentle personality
[name]QUINN[/name] - Boys name
[name]KENZIE[/name] - sporty, brash, competitive girl
[name]WILLOW[/name] - quiet but popular, very short goal driven
[name]SLOANE[/name] - Rough, pushy & popular girl who’s parents are very rich
[name]PIPPA[/name] - Small jumpy, loud girl who is well known by every one.
[name]FIONA[/name] - smart but short tempered girl, a teachers pet who always does her school work to the best of her abilities.
[name]ETIENNE[/name] - A musical girl, creative, smart but shy
[name]MIRABELLA[/name] - Very popular, smart and pretty but close minded and a little insensitive to others. [name]Rich[/name] parents at the head of fashinable ‘society’
[name]MINKA[/name] - From a different culture, friendly.
[name]NORAH[/name] - Girl who is always pushing the rules and getting into trouble, tomboy, dardevil.

[name]PENELOPE[/name] bubbly and cute
[name]QUINN[/name] smart
[name]KENZIE[/name] not special, average but well liked girl
[name]WILLOW[/name] quiet and introverted
[name]SLOANE[/name] loud and obnoxious
[name]PIPPA[/name] cute and fun
[name]FIONA[/name] outgoing girl
[name]ETIENNE[/name] studious
[name]MIRABELLA[/name] beautiful and soft spoken girl
[name]MINKA[/name] a tomboy
[name]NORAH[/name] average but friendly