Name Associations

I’m really struggling with names! [name_f]My[/name_f] goal was a unique but not too out-there name, i.e. top 1000 but not top 200. [name_u]Or[/name_u], outside of 1000 if it’s at least familiar–if that’s possible?

Anyway, name associations are hindering me! After I like a unique name for a few weeks, I learn an association I don’t like. I’m almost ready to choose a more common name because you can’t really have a strong association with a common name. Ugh, though.

[name_f]My[/name_f] husband likes the name [name_u]Dylan[/name_u], and I do too, but I originally said it was too common and also declining in popularity. It meets my 5-letter 2-syllable criteria, goes well with our last name and future girl sib name. How uninspired is this? Cool middle names to make it unique?

I wouldn’t worry about associations unless they’re personal ones. If you search any name hard enough, you’ll find something bad, sad or lame. I personally do not like [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] (no matter what there’ll be someone who doesn’t like your name) but if you both like it go for it.

Remeber it’s your kid and any negative association isn’t going to matter because the kid will make amazing associations in your life.


I love the name [name_u]Dylan[/name_u]! I’ve only known one person with that name my whole life so I don’t think it’s actuthat common.

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How about [name_m]Dilan[/name_m] spelling? [name_f]My[/name_f] favorite is actually [name_u]Dillon[/name_u], but I’m trying to go with 5 letters if possible.

Naming is soooo hard!

Regarding name associations unless personal I would ignore them. My daughter name Lilia is apparently associated with a sanitary brand from the 70s when I googled and looked on mumsnet this is what a lot of people mentioned. As a menstruating woman I am obviously familiar with period products never heard of this brand so chose to ignore it. Ultimately there’s going to be an association for everything it’s just the way the cookie crumbles I would ignore them.

Moving onto Dylan he’s really outdoorsy and handsome I love this spelling I think it’s visually really attractive and the meaning ‘son of the sea’ is gorgeous. You could go with a more unique middle name but I would just go with a name you love as that’s the most important thing 🫶🏻🫶🏻

Some middle names for Dylan could be…

Dylan Calloway
Dylan Clove
Dylan Augustus
Dylan Harvest
Dylan Faraday
Dylan Bramwell

Hope this helps


[name_f]My[/name_f] given name has an association I don’t like at all but that association wasn’t a thing yet when I was born. What I want to say is you can search for a name that has no association but a year or two later a movie might come out or a celebrity will become famous etc. Not so sure where I read it but I remember reading something similar a couple of days ago and on reply was pointing out all the [name_u]Michael[/name_u] Jacksons that were named before MJ was a thing. Which probably are a lot considering how popular [name_u]Michael[/name_u] was as a first name and [name_u]Jackson[/name_u] as a last name. Unless it’s something horrible or really obvious I wouldn’t care to much about associations.

I love [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] and I adore the meaning “son of the sea” that’s so beautiful and mystic.


[name_u]Dylan[/name_u] is a pretty solid name. It has a nice meaning, a clear sound and a versatile feel. I don’t think it’s uninspired if you like it.

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I totally get what you’re going through!

One thing I would do, just to make sure, is check Popular Names by State to see if [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] is really that popular where you live. (I guess this only really works if you live in the States, which I didn’t ask… :crazy_face:) Maybe it isn’t overly popular in your state?

I also love the idea of using a unique middle name to balance out the well-liked/familiar [name_u]Dylan[/name_u]. You could do whatever you wanted! And his name would still be special to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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[name_u]Dylan[/name_u] is one of my all time favourite boys names so i would def say use it! I’d go with a quirky word name for the middle like [name_u]Dylan[/name_u] [name_u]Coast[/name_u]

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I’d go for what brings you the most joy. Are you letting the rational concerns of syllable count and flow talk you into a name that feels a little disappointing in your heart? Or are you feeling embarrassed as a name nerd about really loving a name that’s been well loved and popular for a while?

If you love it, and it brings you joy to think of your future son as Dylan (which is popular for good reasons!), I’d go for it. But if you feel like Dylan is the disappointing answer to the naming criteria you’ve been working with, I’d throw out the criteria as much as you can and start fresh till you’re really thrilled with your choice.

In my personal experience, I’ve been in both places-- letting the questions I was asking lead me to a place I wasn’t that excited about (second child), and also letting my sense of myself as a name nerd give me doubts about the commonly used (though not for babies, granted) name I chose for my first. Wishing you all the best and lots of joy in your choice!

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[name_u]Dylan[/name_u] is a great solid choice! I don’t think it’s “uninspiring” at all and I think it will age well unlike some of those “inspiring” ones :wink:
Good luck!

That’s an excellent point :point_up: