Name combos with similar endings

[name]Do[/name] you think that repetition of similar endings among the first, middle, or last names is a problem or not?

My last name is two syllables and ends in -son. Although I probably wouldn’t use a first name that ends in -son, I do have some names that end in -n (but not -son) that I like. More specifically, two of my favorites for a boy are [name]Adrian[/name] and [name]Rowan[/name]. With those examples I don’t think that there is too much of a problem (although I would probably use a middle name with some other ending letter though).

I don’t have as many repetitive endings among the first name/middle name combos that I’ve thought of, although one that I like for a girl is [name]Isabella[/name] [name]Sophia[/name]. (I recall the authors mentioning in the section on middle name advice about how not varying the syllable number and endings can make the combo sound quite static; the example they gave was [name]Ethan[/name] [name]Aidan[/name].)

I’m not a huge fan of them, but I think some could sound okay. [name]Isabella[/name] [name]Sophia[/name] is too much for me, but [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Jessica[/name] sounds nice.

I wouldn’t. Two syllable first names with a two syllable surname almost always sound stilted to me. I’d have to use the middle a lot, to balance out the sounds. I suppose as long as your surname isn’t stressed in the same place [name]Rowan[/name] is, it should be fine. My daughter has a three syllable first name and a three syllable surname that aren’t stressed in the same places. [name]Just[/name] so you know, I practice what I preach! :slight_smile: [name]Adrian[/name] would sound great with a two syllable surname!