Name Doubting...normal?

My husband and I decided on a name for our first baby (a girl) months ago. He is dead set on this name and we even use the name when talking to/about her. But…recently, despite LOVING the name in the beginning, I’ve begun to doubt that it’s the right name. What triggered it – in a meeting with our financial adviser, I told her the intended name for our baby when she asked. Our adviser repeated the name loud and obnoxiously, in such a way that for the first time I thought, “Wow that just made our baby’s name sound really dorky!” My husband thinks I’m ridiculous, my mother would probably cry if I said I’m changing the name (it’s sentimental to her because it honors her late father), and I’m super frustrated to be having these doubts at 32 weeks! Anybody else experience my so-called “NAME DOUBTING” syndrome? What do I do…

Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone will like the name that you choose, no matter how fabulous it is. And, honestly? A lot of people have bad taste. :wink: If most of the people I know don’t look at me oddly when I mention the names I’m considering, I start to get very worried.

[name]Do[/name] you feel like sharing your name and getting some anonymous feedback?

I personally think every name sounds a bit funny until the baby is born… with both my kids it didn’t really settle in until I saw their little faces. I also think it’s better to not share your name with the masses before s/he is born to avoid that doubting. I’m in agreement with the previous poster - everyone has an opinion. Stick with what you love.

I completely understand what you mean. When I was pregnant with my daughter I picked out a name that was very important to me. It was a variation of a very close friends name. I was set and happy with the choice. I found out about half way through that a number of people did not like the name because it was weird or they didn’t like how it sounded. So, I changed it. [name]Even[/name] though I still think my daughters name is beautiful I have always regretted not using the original name. It was so important to me and I really loved it. But I let people who are not even in my life any more by the way, influence me. No matter what you pick someone out there is not going to like it. It’s your choice don’t let anyone sway you for whatever reason.

Thank you for your replies. @rozzi1 … your story helped a lot, i think i will learn from your experience and stick with our name despite any fleeting doubts. yesterday my husband came home all excited about our baby girl and talking about how much he loves her and her name and everything about her already. it was precious <3 He was so excited, HE started nesting and painted the nursery into the wee hours of the night! :smiley: Only 8 weeks until our Elliotte Joy is due to arrive!
Thanks for the encouragement, berries.