Name For A Girl, Along The Lines Of Adair...

Unusual and hopefully not in the top 800 or so, yet not too weird, with a bit of a tomboy edge, but still elegant.

I’ll tell it to you straight off–this is not for a real child. I am an aspiring author, and often use Nameberry for characters in my stories as well as to satisfy my passion for names. I have been trying to find the perfect name for this character for a long time now, and I think [name]Adair[/name] is perfect, but I cannot use a name starting with A, for various reasons.

Thanks in advance for your help–you guys never fail to give give great advice!

[name]How[/name] about [name]Blair[/name] or [name]Blaire[/name]?
You get the same sound and feel, but it doesn’t start with an A.

I love the name [name]Adair[/name]. It is so beautiful but also a bit edgy!

Elisant / Ellisent
Saorla (sayr-la)

Or to keep the surname theme like [name]Adair[/name]:



Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your great opinions! You are always such help!