Name for a side character(?)

Being honest, they’re going to end up being pretty prominent.

So I’m trying to write a nearly-blind character into my current project, and apparently the hard part is naming them. Not research, that tends to be relatively fun, just naming them. As is typical, I think.

Anyway, they’re about 17, with extremely pale blue eyes and light reddish hair. They have ocular albinism, which is why their eyes are that colour, and the already poor vision caused by that isn’t helped very much with their whole being cursed thing… but that’s not the important part. They’re open about pretty much everything, and tend to be friendly with anyone who’ll talk to them (taking the MC under their wing almost immediately after meeting him, although there are other reasons why doing that makes sense). And I’m running out of stuff to say, but I don’t usually plan characters out all that much… they just sort of lead me wherever they’re going.

So, yeah. Looking for gender-neutral names if possible, although if something sounds reasonably usable for the opposite gender I guess that would work too?

The other named characters are [name_u]Emery[/name_u] and [name_m]Felix[/name_m].

If real world and/or mix of fantasy (basically don’t name like an ancient person of an ancient race something like “Bob” is what I’m getting at:

More immersive fantasy:




I’m getting some urban-fantasy vibes from the plot you gave us, so we’ll go slightly more whimsical gender neutral.