Name for a stuffed/knitted monster store

My wife is making stuffed animal monsters at home and selling them on Etsie (spelling?). I’ve been tasked with finding a name for the store!

What would you name an online store that specializes in cute kids monsters made out of felt, knitted yarn, flannel, etc…think Backyardigan type characters.

Thanks for your input!

By the way, The Monstore already got shot down…ha.

Aww the Monstore was cute, well to me.

Let’s see what about:

Stuffed, Fluffed and Tuff
[name]Roar[/name] Knits
Monster Stuff

That’s all I can think of.

Something which is both sweet and hints at the product is probably best at attracting customers (at least, it would be best at attracting me). [name]Little[/name] Monsters seems much too cliched, but how about [name]Little[/name] Terrors/Knitted Terrors, something of that ilk?