Name for a Tourette Syndrome sufferer???

Hey guys, back again, writing something for an English exam today. So we were given a task, which was to write a 5-page sort of “educational” story about a fictional person with some kind of disorder than inhibits them from leading a regular life, including ways they overcome the symptoms of their disorders to lead a relatively normal life. I chose to write about a person with Tourette Syndrome, and for the life of my I just cannot think of a name!
For starters, he is a 17-year-old Irishman from Co. Louth, born on [name]April[/name] 9th, 1994. His parents divorced when he was ten, in 2004, and he lives with his father. His mother moved to Spain after her and his father divorced. [name]Both[/name] of his parents were massive fans of comedy, so maybe names of comedians who were popular that year? His father is also a fan of bands Bon [name]Jovi[/name], The Beatles, Foreigner, and [name]Blue[/name] Oyster Cult. His mother, whom he inherited the disorder from, was a fan of Take That and Boyzone. The two also used to watch some TV shows together that they obsessed over, such as Touched By An [name]Angel[/name], V (The Original Miniseries), and Friends.
I know it seems a hell of a lot, but I’m sure you guys’ll know what to do! I’m looking for first, middle, last, and nicknames? But first and last can do if you can’t think of the rest! Thanks so much guys.