Name for Logan's baby sister

I am currently 34 weeks and we can’t seem to nail down a first name for our baby girl. My 4 year old son keeps tell everyone her name is baby sister. My husband seems to think it is ok to wait until the last minute which is driving me more batty.
The mn will be [name]Annette[/name] after my mother and myself. Her are the top 9 choices we have come up with so far (in no particular order).
Please give me your suggestions,

[name]Lorelai[/name]- Cute name with a lot of spunk. [name]Do[/name] you mind having two Ls?

[name]Sydney[/name]- I think this one really goes well with [name]Logan[/name]. This is my first choice.

[name]Addison[/name]- I dont like this one. It sounds very harsh imo. Plus is an adrenal disease. [name]How[/name] about [name]Adele[/name] or [name]Adeline[/name]?

[name]Allison[/name]- Eh, it seems kinda 80s imo.

[name]Elizabeth[/name]- A lovely choice, you cant go wrong here. Plus is has so many great nns ([name]Libby[/name], [name]Eliza[/name], [name]Ellie[/name], [name]Ella[/name], etc).

[name]Madison[/name]- There really are too many Maddies in this world, imo.

[name]Emily[/name]- Cute, but so popular.

[name]Elena[/name]- [name]Lovely[/name]. Are you pronouncing it Eh-lay-nah or Eh-leh-nah? That is the only think about this name that gets me. Everyone seem to pronounce it differently.

[name]Melissa[/name]- [name]Kinda[/name] 80s imo.

Off your list I like [name]Sydney[/name], [name]Lorelai[/name], and [name]Elizabeth[/name] the best.

If [name]Annette[/name] is the middle name I wouldn’t use a first name that also starts with A.
I agree with the previous person’s post. I think [name]Sydney[/name] sounds best with [name]Annette[/name].
I love the name [name]Elena[/name] but i don’t think it flows well with [name]Annette[/name].