Name for my grumpy guy

This character has had a hard life. When he was in high school he was often bullied and called slurs for being on the more feminine side. When he was 16 he was SA’d by one of his worst bullies. After that he fled “home” and never looked back. As for most people, these horrific experiences hardened him and made him, for lack of a better word, “tougher”.

His birth name is [name_u]Carter[/name_u], when he left he changed his name to something he thought would stand out.

He’s 29 now, his hair is naturally blonde but he dyes it brown, he uses concealer to cover up his freckles, He has thin hazel eyes and a heart shaped face.

He is often rude, sarcastic and impatient but is always ready to defend someone who needs it. Academically he is average and is charismatic. He is not easily shaken.


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