Name For Place/Dimension

I need your help to think of the perfect name for this place that I created it’s influenced by a variety things such as Nostalgia Core, Kid Core, and TV shows such as Zoom.

Description: The place/dimension is all strong cobalt blue but it’s filled with games, toys, and fun activities and it’s decorated with colorful backgrounds and signs.

The place is a interesting dimension where you can have fun and be yourself or to get away from today world problems, the place is filled with games, toys, and fun activities where you can figure out how to use them to create more colorful and exciting activities. In this world, there would be a lot of opportunities to play to enjoy with yourself with endless possibilities to do. Other children are also there coming from different doors, it would create a unique opportunity for social interaction and collaboration. The children can share their experiences and ideas while engaging in creative activities, allowing them to learn from each other. The place includes arts and crafts and play productions in which is a good way to encourage imagination and creativity among the children. Arts and crafts activities would allow the children to utilize their abilities to make use of their hands to something great. By organizing plays, children would use their acting skills, allowing them to express themselves through different characters and scenarios. Participating in production enables children to develop their social interaction skills and work collaboratively towards producing fantastic plays.

The names that i’m suggesting:

I will like the name for the place/dimension to fit very well with it’s nature, and if you had already thought of a good name for the place, hit the reply button!