Name for smartphone character

I am creating an internet series which has a very large cast, and many of the characters are phones or similar electronics. I have come up with names for most of them, but I need help deciding some names for some other characters. I haven’t decided on genders for these characters, so male, female and unisex names are all welcome. Names I have already chosen are Andy, Billy, Gabriella “Gabby”, Erin, Stephanie “Stevie”, Tiffany, Jessica, Jaidyn, Brianna, Aaliyah, Francine “Frankie”, Irena, Olympia, Rebecca, Ginger, Imogen, Solange, Kaelyn, Noelle, Chiara, Scarlett, Ula and Gretchen.

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Oh it sounds like a fun series ”
[name_f]Clover[/name_f] (You know, clever machines ”)



All very interesting choices I never would’ve thought of!