Name Glady?

There’s a river called [name_f]Glady[/name_f] Fork by where I was raised, and I just saw the name Gladie in a book I’m reading. What do you guys think about it? I pronounce it GLAY-dee, like lady with a G at the front.

It has a nice sound, but I’m not sure about it. I definitely think the Gladie spelling is better because [name_f]Glady[/name_f] kind of looks like you accidentally left the ‘s’ off [name_f]Gladys[/name_f].

Because I am reminded of [name_f]Gladys[/name_f], I would not pronounce Gladie the way you would. I’d say [name_f]Glad[/name_f]-ie and not Glay-dee. So then it just seems to me someone was glad and added -ie. I would definately play with the spelling a bit if you are set on the name maybe Gledie or Galyde. (I meant to say Glaydee but it could also be Glaydy / Gladey / Glaydie )

I thought it was glad-ee, too. [name_m]How[/name_m] do Gledie or Galyde fit with her pronunciation? Those two spellings would change the pronunciation and make it a more difficult.

It’s lovely. I’m afraid it would get mistaken for [name_f]Gladys[/name_f].