Name ideas for female shapeshifter

So for my latest WIP, my main character is a female shapeshifter who changes her shape and moves around the world. When the story takes place, she’s a young woman who owns and runs a coffee/tea shop. She has short reddish-purple hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. She’s also short and has a square body shape. As far as personality goes, she’s pretty smart and thoughtful, independent, and she genuinely just enjoys seeing the world without any drama involved. Any name suggestions would be much appreciated, and as far as meanings go, maybe something along the lines of change or illusion or something, but I’m not picky. Thanks so much!


[name_f]Lucy[/name_f] (lucid/hallucination/illusion)

sorry hope this is what you’re looking for if not then tell me and I’ll be happy to try again!

I really like a couple of those names, but maybe some whose meaning is a little less obvious? Thank you so much for all your help!


Flanerie (means “saunter”)

A couple of ideas:


Good luck

A few ideas that sound like they might suit her;