Name Image/Ideas

I’ve been looking for names for ages now and whilst I have some I like I always seem to find a problem with them. The image a name gives is super important to me, so could you please reply with the sort of person you’d imagine having this name, or any names you think I might like :blush: thank you! (Sorry for all the -ette endings, I adore them!)

  • Lianette
  • [name_f]Ellette[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Elle[/name_f]
  • Liliette
  • Ariette
  • Liviette
  • [name_f]Madelina[/name_f]
  • [name_f]Aleska[/name_f]
  • Laniette
  • Lilivette
  • [name_u]Hazel[/name_u]

I’ll try to find pictures. The pictures will be of various ages because i imagine each name at a certain age.



Elle (no image really comes to mind for this one sorry)


Ariette (however Ari conjure up a completely different image)


Madelina (nothing really although I imagine a Madeline similar to Lilliette)

Aleska (I picture an Eskimo because the name reminds me of Alaska)


Lillivette (not too sure about this one)


You have lovely names. I agree that the ‘ette’ ending just makes the names so special and adds a bit of femininity. Beautiful list!

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Thank you so much x pictures go amazingly well thanks for your contribution <3

  • Lianette -i imagine someone who loves the winter -she’s stylish, confident and cool

  • [name_f]Ellette[/name_f] - sharp and determined. Knows her own mind

  • [name_f]Elle[/name_f] - friendly but sometimes acts without thinking -loyal and willing to put grievances aside

  • Liliette - pretty, feminine and into fashion. She’s quietly confident and possibly into dance

  • Ariette - warm and friendly -likes helping others

  • Liviette -Liviette is spunky, sassy and confident

  • [name_f]Madelina[/name_f] - sociable and into performing

  • [name_f]Aleska[/name_f] -outdoorsy and active. Likes hiking and sport

  • Laniette - quiet and into writing

  • Lilivette - keeps herself to herself but will help others in a quiet way. Quite studious and creative

  • [name_u]Hazel[/name_u] -open, bubbly and bright

A few you might like:


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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love ur descriptions!

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