Name jitters...thoughts on new ideas with 2 months to go?

Months ago we had settled on the name [name]Benjamin[/name] Alicibiades for our third son, due this fall. My two and three year old sons have even been calling him [name]Ben[/name]. Suddenly last week new ideas are popping into my head and I need a reality check! Please let me know what you think of the following options, you will see they are all over the board. It started when the name/nickname [name]Leo[/name] struck me in a book I was reading, so as you can see the new list is very “[name]Leo[/name]” heavy. The last one is an old name love of mine/guilty pleasure so I figured as long as I’m opening the door again, I might as well throw it back in the mix! We still love [name]Ben[/name], but I can’t help but keep thinking its the “safe” choice. The middle name is a non-negotiable family name, so will be Alcibiades with all of the following options. [name]Love[/name] to hear your thoughts, even if its just to say “stick with [name]Ben[/name]!” Last name is Tolka. Maybe rank them in order of preference?

[name]Benjamin[/name] Alcibiades
[name]Emilio[/name] Alcibiades (nn [name]Leo[/name])
[name]Leo[/name] Alcibiades
Liev Alcibiades
[name]Lev[/name] Alcibiades
[name]North[/name] Alcibiades

What are your other son’s names?

I like [name]Leopold[/name] nn [name]Leo[/name]. Not a fan of [name]Emilio[/name], unless it fits well with the feel of your other sons.

From your list only:

  1. [name]Leo[/name]
  2. [name]Benjamin[/name] (I like the name [name]Benjamin[/name] but I hear it ALL THE TIME in our area. If you love [name]Ben[/name] but want something “different”…what about [name]Benson[/name] or [name]Bennett[/name]? [name]Benjamin[/name] is a classic name that always sounds good and strong…but to my ear sounds safe and a bit boring)
  3. [name]North[/name] (I do like this…but I don’t think I would be brave enough to use it unless it had some significant meaning for us. Though, in this day and age, it would not stand out too much)

Thanks for the input! My other sons are [name]Ari[/name] & [name]Christopher[/name] (doesn’t help a lot since there is no real naming “style” apparent there). I do like the idea of having a somewhat coherent sib-set, but it may be an impossible task to find a third name that somehow ties his brothers names together. When looking at the three together, though, I think my favorite sibling combos are:

[name]Ari[/name], [name]Christopher[/name], [name]Liev[/name]
[name]Ari[/name], [name]Christopher[/name], [name]North[/name]

You summarized in a nutshell exactly how I feel about [name]Benjamin[/name]…a nice, classic name if a bit safe and boring. I have explored all of the other “[name]Ben[/name]” names to consider something a little less vanilla, but have decided that [name]Benjamin[/name] is my favorites of the “[name]Ben[/name]” names despite its popularity. [name]Glad[/name] to hear a positive reaction to [name]North[/name]. I [name]LOVE[/name] the name for some reason, but fear that others would put it in the “trying-too-hard” category. I do really like simple [name]Leo[/name], though I fear it is nick-namey.

I wouldn’t worry about [name]Leo[/name] seeming nick-namey; you could make the same assertion about [name]Ari[/name], after all. And [name]Leo[/name] is a fine, noble name, far more appealing than [name]Benjamin[/name], which just sounds tired to me. I also like [name]Liev[/name], but I prefer [name]Leo[/name].

Update: based on input from DH, we’re leaning away from the “[name]Leo[/name]” variations. Front-runners now are [name]Levi[/name] and [name]North[/name]. [name]Levi[/name] is the “safer” option, but would really love someone to talk me into [name]North[/name]…

Which do you prefer?

[name]Levi[/name] Alcibiades Tolka
[name]North[/name] Alcibiades Tolka

Honestly, I still like [name]Ben[/name] more. However, of your two choices, I prefer [name]North[/name]. For some reason I just have never come to like [name]Levi[/name]. Also, I think that [name]North[/name] sounds cooler with [name]Ari[/name] and [name]Christopher[/name].

Thanks for your input klcalder2! As an aside, whenever I see your responses to posts with your children’s names at the bottom, I always think how much I love them individually and as a set.

I like [name]Leo[/name] the best with [name]Ari[/name] and [name]Christopher[/name], with [name]Benjamin[/name] in second place. [name]North[/name]'s okay, and think it goes fine with the other boys.

I like [name]Leo[/name] the best as it balances out the clipped consonants of Tolka. [name]Leo[/name] Tolka has a great mix of hard and soft sounds. And [name]Leo[/name] is definitely a stand-alone name in it’s own right. [name]Ben[/name] Tolka is okay, but a bit short. I’m not crazy about [name]North[/name] Tolka as it sounds like a place name or perhaps a river.

Good luck!

Out of all your names, I like Benjamin the best. It’s strong, handsome and will never, ever sound dated. Plus it has a bunch of great nickname options (Ben, Benny, Benj, Benji) It may be a little vanilla but I think it balances out the more unusual middle name you’ve picked out.

Out of Levi and North, I would have to pick North. Levi has a very down-home, country feel to it (ie, cowboy name), whereas North is just more interesting.

[name]Levi[/name] is SO common around here (I’m in SC). With your last name, [name]Leo[/name] would be my first choice. I like [name]North[/name], but I’m not sure about [name]North[/name] Tolka.

So, if your husband vetoed [name]Leo[/name], I would stick with [name]Ben[/name].

Thanks everyone! I agree that as a full name [name]Leo[/name] Tolka sounds best, but I kept saying it over in my head and it dawned on my that it sounds [name]WAY[/name] to close to [name]Leo[/name] Tolstoy (and maybe that’s part of why it sounds good, because it is familiar?). [name]Don[/name]'t get me wrong, I love to incorporate literary references, but this seems a little over the top. Overthinking it?

About [name]Levi[/name] having a “down-home, country” feel, I used to feel the same way about it (and thus it was never on my list), but I recently met a very handsome, cosmopolitan colleague of my husband’s which kind of transformed the name for me. After reading your responses and considering it is very popular in the south, I now have those original connotations back in my head! So although I have a new appreciation for the name, its back off the list for me…but definitely not out of the family! I had run the name by my sister who is due with a boy next month and SHE fell in love with the name (up until now they had settled on [name]Brady[/name]) and claimed it right there on the spot if we chose not to use it. Worked out really well, and I think [name]Levi[/name] goes much better with her other kids’ names than it did with mine: it will be [name]Cole[/name], [name]Hope[/name], and [name]Levi[/name]. They all seem to have the same vibe and fits very well where they live in [name]Colorado[/name].

So…it is now between [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]North[/name]. Agree that [name]Benjamin[/name] sounds better with our last name and is certainly a timeless classic with many nn options (would probably go with [name]Benji[/name]). My reservations are these. [name]Benjamin[/name] was in the top two for both of my other sons, but we ended up using our other option both times based on how they looked when they were born. Kind of makes it feel like a “stand-by” name for us. Also, although [name]Christopher[/name] suits our second son, I had lingering doubts after we chose it because of how mainstream it is. Fear I will feel the same about [name]Benjamin[/name]. As for [name]North[/name], my hesitations are that the flow is not great with our last name and that it may be TOO far in the other direction of being too “out there.” For some reason it has just always been a great love of mine (something about it feels so simple, strong, and evocative) and I feel I will regret not using it. It may be a choice we will have to make when we see him.

[name]Ari[/name], [name]Chris[/name], [name]Benji[/name]
[name]Ari[/name], [name]Chris[/name], [name]North[/name]

What to do???

I like [name]Leo[/name] a lot. What about [name]Leon[/name]? [name]Leon[/name] Tolka. [name]Levi[/name] is nice too, but it sounds a bit off with [name]Christopher[/name] and [name]Ari[/name]. To throw something else into the mix, what about [name]Simon[/name]? [name]Simon[/name], [name]Christopher[/name], and [name]Ari[/name] Tolka.

I definitely prefer [name]North[/name]. I actually love this name, too! I say go for it!!! :slight_smile: