Name meanings

how many of you consider the meaning of a name before using it for your child/ren?
to me, the name is the most important part of the process- no matter how pretty the name is, if its meaning isn’t good/favourable/positive, i can’t see myself naming my child that name.

I’m not going to nix a name if I don’t love the meaning, because chances are, no one is going to know but me. A nice/pleasant meaning is just an added bonus. :slight_smile:

i guess its mainly because in my culture names are thought to have more of an impact on a child’s personality than perhaps in other cultures, so to give a child a name with a negative meaning… well, its just not done.

while the meaning won’t make the decision for me it is something I do consider. However if the name means something really bad like, lame or trouble, or Monkey [name]King[/name] (DH found that name) then i really will try not to use it.

I’ve heard people before say they dislike names because they mean things like Bitter or Sorrows but to me it’s not such a big deal. Bad things happen in life, it’s not something you can hide your children from and you need bad and good to balance each other. In a way I feel like giving your child a name that means something like that can be a positive thing, something that prepares them for life.

I agee with you.

Yup, meaning is crucial to me. I won’t use a name with a bad meaning. For example [name]Penelope[/name] and [name]Eloise[/name] are both lovely names but they mean “duck” and “wide.” It just ruins it for me.
Then again I’m kind of weird that way and I don’t think most people will know or care! :slight_smile:

The one exception is if there’s a positive association besides the meaning – for example if a name was that of a close family or friend, or an influential figure. That trumps meaning for me!

I’ll nix a name if the meaning is truly negative, but not if the meaning is a simple noun or adjective.

That’s my feeling as well. If the meaning is just kind of silly I don’t really care, but if it’s something truly negative I think it would weigh into my decision. A lot of names have mulitiple possible meanings though so I wouldn’t rule out a name like [name]Mary[/name] just because it might mean bitter; it also might mean several other more positive things.

I look up the meaning before it goes on the list. I see so many people live up to their name meanings, I’m going to know before I give something like [name]Persephone[/name] (I love this name!) bringer of death, to my amazing baby girl. Sometimes it’s hard, but necessary.