Name my baby

I can’t decide. I’ve posted earlier threads about this and now its getting closer to baby boy coming and yet I am no closer to picking his name.

He has to have the middle name of [name]Ellsworth[/name] (family tradition) and last name of Hoyle.

If this was your baby, what would you name him? [name]Every[/name] answer accepted.

_________ [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle.


[name]Dawson[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (modern)

Gratian [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (exotic antique)

[name]Arlo[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (quirky-cool)

[name]Gideon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (biblical)

[name]Philip[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (classic)

I feel with the middle and last names being, [name]Ellsworth[/name] and Hoyle, that maybe it would balance the name out by having a more classic first name, since the other names are very unique.

For some reason, [name]James[/name] really struck me as a great pick for you.

[name]James[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle - looks smashing!

Also how about:

[name]Thomas[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

[name]Peter[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

[name]William[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

[name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

I quite liked [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle from the pp

[name]Dean[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Arthur[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Frederick[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Victor[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Adam[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

With the mn 2 syllables and ln 1 syllable, I think I like a three syllable first name … Or another one syllable.

[name]Christopher[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle (nn [name]Chris[/name] Hoyle)
[name]Timothy[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Jefferson[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

I, too, like the suggestion of [name]Benjamin[/name]!

[name]Ephraim[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Felix[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Oscar[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Simon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Xavier[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

I love [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle, as mentioned above. Also:

[name]Jack[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]James[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Lucas[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Patrick[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Peter[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Samuel[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Hmmm…I think all my ideas have been pinched I like:


I like [name]Ellsworth[/name] as the mn.

Wow, lots of room for creativity and imagination here. What do you think of:

Your little cowboy: [name]Morgan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Wyatt[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

[name]Roman[/name] inspired: [name]Atticus[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Cassius[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

An European sophisticate: [name]Lucien[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Remy[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Muscle [name]Man[/name]: [name]Quentin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Flint[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Colonial boy: [name]Jonathan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Nathaniel[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

An Occupation-based name: [name]Porter[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Shepherd[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Short, No Nonsense name: [name]Max[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Kurt[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

American history heroes: [name]Franklin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Webster[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

An RAF [name]Pilot[/name]: [name]Alistair[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Trevor[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Nature kid: [name]Stone[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Forest[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Name from Camelot: [name]Tristan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Gareth[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Something a [name]Little[/name] Quirky: [name]Linus[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Otis[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Scottish [name]Lad[/name]: [name]Euan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Gordon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Color Names: [name]Stirling[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Roan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Name from Hogwarts: [name]Arthur[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Cedric[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

An Irish Heartbreaker: [name]Desmond[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Donovan[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Biblical, But Not Boring Name: [name]Simon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Gideon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Too-Cool-For-School Name: [name]Cisco[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Jagger[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Cuddly-[name]Teddy[/name] [name]Bear[/name] Nickname Names: [name]Tobias[/name] ([name]Toby[/name]) [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Augustus[/name] ([name]Gus[/name]) [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

A Classic: [name]Stephen[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle or [name]Daniel[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

That was fun! If any of the names you see strikes a chord, let us know…I think Berries are at their best when they have an idea of naming styles.

I want to add [name]Felix[/name] and [name]Gryphon[/name] as options.
[name]Felix[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Gryphon[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

I love alliterative names, so how about:

[name]Hudson[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle


[name]Fletcher[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Peter[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Aaron[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle

Good luck!

Well, I did name my son [name]Peter[/name], and it’s a wonderful name that we both still love 15 years later.

And if I had had a daughter, [name]Lydia[/name] was one of my first 2-3 choices. So…

[name]Peter[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle gets my vote.

I really like [name]Elsworth[/name] for a mn. It has a lot of class. Here are a few that flow nicely:

[name]Jared[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Harrison[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Abram[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Michael[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]Conrad[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle
[name]David[/name] [name]Ellsworth[/name] Hoyle