Name my daughter Clover given last name will be Brookfield?

Can I name my twin daughter [name]Clover[/name] given her last name will be Brookfield? Can you think of a boy’s name that will go well with [name]Clover[/name]? Some other possibilities are [name]Noa[/name] and [name]Ben[/name] or [name]Thea[/name] and [name]Nico[/name] ([name]Nicholas[/name]).

I think [name]Clover[/name] Brookfield is an amazing name! I know you posted earlier in the Sibling Names part of the forum, and am wondering what your favorite names were from people’s suggestions?

I love [name]Cleo[/name] with:


I’m not a fan of [name]Noa[/name] for girls, and while I love [name]Benjamin[/name], I’m not a fan of only using [name]Ben[/name] as a first name. [name]Noa[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name] do sound lovely together, although little [name]Noa[/name] will be mistaken for a boy quite often.

I like the name [name]Thea[/name], too, but only as a nickname ([name]Theodora[/name]). [name]Nico[/name] is a great name, too, and goes nicely with the nickname [name]Thea[/name].

Your twin sets are from decidedly different styles, and I’m wondering which you prefer? Comfy and classic ([name]Clover[/name] and ____), Biblical ([name]Noa[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name]), or exotic ([name]Theodora[/name] and [name]Nico[/name]). You certainly have some lovely choices! :slight_smile:

[name]Clover[/name] Brookfield-so wonderful!
I do not care for [name]Noa[/name]. To me it sounds like something is missing. I love [name]Noah[/name] for a boy, and I love [name]Nora[/name] for a girl.
[name]Eleanora[/name] Brookfield, [name]Nora[/name] Brookfield. This sounds wonderful, but doesn’t sound contemporary enough for you.

Boy’s Names
[name]Theodore[/name] Brookfield, [name]Theo[/name] Brookfield-sounds great! [name]Theo[/name] and [name]Clover[/name]. I do love this combo.
[name]Benjamin[/name] Brookfield, [name]Ben[/name] Brookfield-not as good as [name]Theo[/name], but fine. [name]Ben[/name] and [name]Clover[/name]-nice!
[name]Noah[/name] Brookfield-sounds very cute! [name]Noah[/name] and [name]Clover[/name]-cute!
[name]Nicholas[/name] Brookfield, [name]Nico[/name] Brookfield. I like [name]Nicholas[/name] Brookfield, but [name]Nico[/name] Brookfield is hard for me to say. It’s heavy on the “k” sound. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Colin[/name] as a nickname for [name]Nicholas[/name]?
[name]Nicholas[/name] Brookfield, [name]Colin[/name] Brookfield. [name]Colin[/name] and [name]Clover[/name]-kind of matchy, but very cute.
[name]Colin[/name] as a nickname for [name]Nicholas[/name] and [name]Nora[/name] as a nickname for [name]Eleanora[/name], [name]Leonora[/name], or [name]Eleanor[/name] would be really elegant. [name]Colin[/name] and [name]Nora[/name]-lovely, not as contemporary as [name]Colin[/name] and [name]Clover[/name].