Name My Family!

I also posted this is the name game section- not sure if it was the right section or not. so reposted it here

I’m not expecting so this is just for fun and out of curiosity!

People always say that people match their name so well or they look like their name and I’m really not good at things like that so I wanted to see what people had to say.

Our names are [name]Marissa[/name] & [name]Chance[/name] - We both have uncommon names and like the fact that we have uncommon names. (I have personally only met one other [name]Marissa[/name]- so might not be uncommon to you but is to me.)

[name]Chance[/name]'s brother names - Tosh & [name]Noel[/name]
His parents are - [name]Ian[/name] & [name]Christine[/name]
Backround is Dutch & English

If we had a little boy he would be alittle shy but very adventurous. He would love to explore things, go hiking, biking and fishing. He would grow to be tall with blond hair and bright blue eyes. He would also be very artistic - very good at drawing and musical.

My brothers name is -[name]Kyle[/name]
My parents names are- [name]Cynthia[/name] ([name]Cindy[/name]) & [name]Gregory[/name] ([name]Greg[/name]) Step father named [name]Paul[/name]
Backround- Scottish & English

If we had a little girl she would be very shy and quiet. She would have little brown ringlets (but might grow out into straight/ wavy hair) with hazel eyes. She would also love to explore and try new things. She would like to go on hikes and go fishing with the family. She would like to read and make short stories.

The whole family would be very out doorsy, going hiking, fishing and camping. They would most likley have a house somewhere that is countryish but not to far from the city, they would love to have some land for their children to play on. They would have a big garden in the back and teach their children how to grow their own food and have probably some fun animals. We have never had the usual cats and dogs.

What would you name our little girl and little boy?
Very excited to see what you guys come up with!