Name Quizzes ...unisex option? 🥺

I hope I’m posting this in the right place, please correct me if I’m wrong, or if the issue has been addressed elsewhere that I have missed!

But once again, in the spirit of the holidays, we have a Get Your [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] Name Quiz! Which is very fun! But, much less when you’re not a cisgender berry, you know? [name_u]Berry[/name_u] workers always have such lovely and unexpected names to offer! Many of them could very well be placed in a third, unisex option :frowning: (just now I got [name_u]Garland[/name_u] and Halldecker as names on that quiz! Works for everyone no?).
I have, of course, participated in all quizzes so far, just going with the flow. But it hurts me deep inside having to choose a gender for the name :pensive:

Please please nameberry, I want to have fun too :frowning_face:

And thank you for taking the time to read this :purple_heart:

[name_u]Happy[/name_u] Holidays to all holiday celebrators!!


I’d also really enjoy a uni option. Girl names almost never suit how I’m feeling, and I feel very limited always picking the boy option. There are so many wonderful names out there that work for both, so I really don’t see any reason why to not have the option. There’d be so much more room for variation, and I’d be more fun! Plus you could take the quiz 3 times lol


Thanks for the suggestion! This sounds like a great idea. [name_u]Happy[/name_u] holidays to you too and I will pass this on to the team :slight_smile:


[name_u]Happy[/name_u] holidays! Thank you for taking the time :hearts: :green_heart: