Name Rants

why can i not find and stick with a first name for cynthiana??


Not a name rant, but a Nameberry rant:

User profiles take FOREVER to load


i mean, come on

EVERYTHING takes forever to load on nameberry


Lol. When my parents were thinking up names for me, they mentioned naming me after my great grandmother. [name_f]My[/name_f] dad told my great grandparents before it was solidified and they were so moved that I then had to be given that name haha. Which we all love my name and there was never a question of whether they wanted to honor my great grandma, but my mom had much more common names in mind, so I think she was unsure of giving me such a unique name at first.

I don’t understand this.

You had your chance to name children. These aren’t your kids. Please be happy you’re having grandchildren and let the parents name their children as all they want is the opportunity to name them the same way you wanted the opportunity to name yours.




I can let my parents name my kids, but only if they…

  • Carry them for 9 months (or be patient while their partner is carrying them for 9 months)
  • Give birth to them
  • Feed them
  • Change their diapers
  • Calm them when they are crying
  • Have sleepless nights because of them, but not give up
  • Take care of them when they’re sick
  • Be there for their first steps
  • Be there in their first day of school
  • Pay their school fees
  • Teach them how to do stuff
  • Take them to trips
  • Read them bedtime stories
  • Play with them
  • Be patient when they’re naughty
  • Always support them and be there whenever the kids need them
  • Dedicate their lives for them
  • Love them unconditionally forever
    … goes on.

Long story short, no :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this knocks them out of the position to name kids right off the bat… sorry, grandparents.

However I would add, for the dads:

  • Worry about and take care of the mom (whether biological or surrogate) during the pregnancy – even if it’s from a distance.

And for both parents:

  • Paying any and all fees associated with bringing said child into the world.
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This is just a small, non-advanced list of the requirements; we can add hundreds of more things :grin:

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I just realized I had been voting for [name_u]August[/name_u] on polls solely because it’s a family name and that I, after all, don’t actually like it.


[name_m]Romeo[/name_m] nn [name_u]Romy[/name_u] is so cute and amazing, why does the play have to ruin it?? </3


I love the likes on this, we all think the same haha

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I just realised that literally every name in my user card starts with either E, C or L and to say it’s driving me crazy is an understatement !!


I love the newest blog post, but why not pay more attention to special characters? The name is Aydın not [name_u]Aydin[/name_u] :neutral_face: