Name the girl group

Hey berries,

I am not a writer (at the moment), but I couldn’t really find a better suited place for this, so here goes (I hope it’s allowed).

I am a professional singer / vocal coach and a couple of my students are going to enter a talent competition broadcasted on national TV. Of course they’re really excited (they’re also really good!).
The group consists of 5 girls aged 11-12 and they are in need of a name! Since girls that age mostly come up with names like “Party 5” and “The Singing Girls” I feel like they may need some help :wink:

The group is Dutch, but the name should be in English. It should be easy to remember, cool, and a little tough - but not too much. Child friendly, easy to spell, difficult to turn into a slur or joke :wink:

If it helps, the first letters of their names are Y, M, R, R and E and they will probably do fun pop stuff, at least for the foreseeable future.
I see them possibly becoming the female version of Dutch boyband Mainstreet.

Names I’ve come up with so far are Vie (as in both V=5 and Vie=life), or another spin on the V (Capital V…), and [name_f]Fancy[/name_f].

Any help would be appreciated!
[name_u]Love[/name_u], [name_f]Lin[/name_f]

The first thing that came to mind was [name_f]MERRY[/name_f], as an anagram of the first letters of their names.

I wish I could help more, but I don’t think I know enough to do so. Best of luck to you and your students!