Nameberry 20 Questions

This idea has been floating around my head for awhile but I wasn’t sure how to do it without it becoming chaotic. How this will work is you ask for a name and I will assign you one, you then have twenty yes or no questions to figure out what name it is

Some ground rules:
1 - All names will have entries on Nameberry
2 - Names will not be repeated
3 - When asking about consonants of vowels I will count AEIOUY as vowels

Let’s see how this goes!

Leader Board
@Kipperbo1 :crown: Got Orla with 6 questions
@SuzieKim :crown: Got Winston with 6 questions
@namelover55 :medal_sports: Got Fleur with 7 questions
@rosepip :medal_sports: Got Coco with 8 questions :medal_sports: Got Delaney with 8 questions
@rubylark :medal_sports: Got Bennett with 8 questions
@LeafTree :medal_sports: Got Jonas with 8 questions
@lilac.fairy :medal_sports: Got Mary with 8 questions
@ash_tree :medal_sports: Got Persephone with 9 questions
@billie_154 :medal_sports: Got Noa with 10 questions


I’ll play!

I’d like to play!

Your first initial is i

Your first initial is j

I’ll play

Your first initial is t

Is it typically used for girls?

Q1 - Yes, it is typically used for girls.

Is it in the Top 1000 currently?

Q1. How many letters does the name have?
Q2. Is it a feminine, masculine or unisex name?

Q2 - Yes it is currently in the US Top 1000

Sorry it’s only yes or no questions

Does the name end in A?

Oops sorry… let me rephrase

Q1. Is it a masculine name?

Q3 - No it does not end in A

Q1 - Yes it is a masculine name

Is the name in the Top 500?

Q4 - Yes it is in the US Top 500

Is it a nature/word name?

Q5 - No it is not a nature/word name

Is the name [name_u]French[/name_u]?

Q6 - Yes the name is either [name_u]French[/name_u] in origin or usage