Nameberry App?

Ok before I begin. I just want to say I had no clue what form to put it in, so I apologise in advance.

Right the main point. Does Nameberry have an app for iPhone/ iPad/ Android or anything else? If there is not would anyone else apart from me want one? My reasons for is that it would be a lot quicker and easier, but this my opinion. So would you like an app?

P.s I know there is another forum but it has died down. I would like to start a nice fresh one.

I would be all for an app :slight_smile:

definitely would love one.

would prefer that all the names Nameberry mentions in there posts and blogs be PUT INTO THE DATABASE - why tell us about them if we cant save them for later or give feedback on them?

I think it would simpler. And if your in a household wear there is one family computer, which DS/DD/DH might be using. So you can go on your phone/tablet.

I would love a Nameberry app. I posted a thread on here a while ago about an app (Nameberry App), which had a poll. The results of 42 voters were that 90.48% would like an app.

I would definitely like a Nameberry App! I can never access the site on my iPod touch so an app would be great.

Yes App! :slight_smile: