Nameberry app?

Hey Berries!
I love this website and its community, but I hate how it functions. I often run into technical issues and I get kicked out after being logged in after only a few minutes, making it very difficult to fully immerse myself in the vast database of names and add them to my lists.

I’m currently studying UX/UI design and am considering to do a little project about this. Potentially build a prototype app for Nameberry. Is this something that you guys would want? And are the above issues you’ve experienced as well? Would some of you be keen to be interested in helping me with answering some questions along the way to make this a better experience for everyone?


I think it would be a great idea! Only thing I really struggle with are the ads that get in the way of reading and writing and many times I have to exit the page just to replay or push buttons as I just had to do now to finish this reply.

This would be super cool! I would definitely love that. I hate that the website refreshes every time I open a new page. I lose my spot very often and feel like I’m missing a lot of posts because of it.

Check this out. :slight_smile: