Nameberry Combos 2015 Results

The results are in! Thank you so much for all you names. Here is the link to the results booklet. Dropbox - results booklet 2015.pdf - Simplify your life

If you have any problems with the file or want to ask anything about the data (I haven’t analysed it. I have just stated it), then message me or reply to this thread. Please also let me know what you think or if you spot any mistakes.

Thank you

Has anyone read it yet?

I read it the other day. :slight_smile:

Its very interesting to see the results. Though I didnt expect it to see [name_f]Seraphine[/name_f] this up.

I just read this. I really enjoyed. So many great names all in one document, thats my fav part. I am going to print it off, cross off top ten names, and tell my husband he can name our son any name from this report! They are all gold:)Berries have such good taste;)

thanks of putting this together and sharing it with us. So interesting.

I would have expected it to have been [name_f]Seraphina[/name_f] instead - but maybe it is the same as [name_f]Olive[/name_f] and [name_f]Olivia[/name_f]. I feel like Berries are a bit ahead of the times. The popular option is the -a ending but I think that the non -a endings are going to get popular next as people get bored with the -a. eg. [name_f]Isabelle[/name_f] vs [name_f]Isabella[/name_f]. [name_f]Juliet[/name_f] vs [name_f]Julietta[/name_f]/[name_f]Julianna[/name_f] etc, [name_f]Emmeline[/name_f] vs [name_f]Emilia[/name_f].

Thanks for your encouragement. I love going through the combos too. I wrote down my favourites as I put them into the database.

I’ve read it but totally forgot to comment :confused: I definitely think it’s very interesting and I was surprised a few times.
I didn’t think that [name_f]Alice[/name_f] or [name_f]Rose[/name_f] would be that high up as first names as I never really see them in people’s signatures. I was surprised that [name_u]Elliott[/name_u] made the list (for boys, thankfully ;)), especially as it was higher up than some other names that I would consier NB favourites.

I wonder, do you have the raw numbers, so not just the ranks but how many ___ there were listed as first and middle names?

Yes I do. I’ll have a look tonight and see if I can put a chart together of raw numbers for you.

Here are some of the top names. The first number is the FN score, the second is the MN score and the third is the total.
[name_f]Elizabeth[/name_f]/[name_f]Elisabeth[/name_f]/[name_f]Elisabet[/name_f] 4.0 13.5 17.5
[name_f]Jane[/name_f] 5.0 12.5 17.5
[name_f]Violet[/name_f] 6.0 8.0 14.0
[name_f]Rose[/name_f] 7.5 6.5 14.0
[name_f]Josephine[/name_f] 1.0 10.5 11.5
[name_f]Pearl[/name_f] 3.0 8.5 11.5
[name_f]Grace[/name_f] 2.0 9.0 11.0
[name_f]Alice[/name_f] 8.0 3.0 11.0
[name_f]Matilda[/name_f] 3.0 7.5 10.5
[name_f]Kathryn[/name_f]/[name_f]Catherine[/name_f]/[name_f]Katherine[/name_f] 4.0 6.5 10.5
[name_f]Eleanor[/name_f]/[name_f]Elena[/name_f]/[name_f]Elinor[/name_f]/[name_f]Ellinor[/name_f] 9.0 1.5 10.5
[name_f]Margot[/name_f]/[name_f]Margo[/name_f] 7.0 3.0 10.0

[name_u]James[/name_u] 5.0 21.5 26.5
[name_m]Alexander[/name_m] 5.0 19.0 24.0
[name_m]Theodore[/name_m] 16.0 3.5 19.5
[name_m]Henry[/name_m] 13.0 5.0 18.0
[name_m]Ezra[/name_m] 9.0 6.5 15.5
[name_u]August[/name_u] 11.0 4.0 15.0
[name_m]Frederick[/name_m]/[name_m]Frederic[/name_m] 3.0 11.0 14.0
[name_m]Felix[/name_m] 9.0 5.0 14.0
[name_m]Oliver[/name_m] 6.0 7.0 13.0
[name_m]William[/name_m] 7.0 6.0 13.0
[name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] 7.0 5.0 12.0
[name_m]Arthur[/name_m] 3.0 8.5 11.5

I hope this helps!

Definitely, thank you! What are the .5s supposed to be?

They are for when somebody entered a name with a double mn - each mn gets 0.5.

That makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you again for doing this!

FYI—The subtitle mentions girls twice but not boys. “The following data is made up of five favourite combinations for girls and five favourite combinations for girls.” Surely one of those is supposed to be boys?

All in all, really interesting. Thanks.

Interesting data. :slight_smile:

Thank you for compiling that data, very interesting to see.

Thank you for compiling all that information! It’s so interesting to see it all laid out. For me it sort of shows how well I think people can fit on the site. My naming style doesn’t mesh very well with the rest of nameberry (or anywhere else really :smiley: ), but I still feel accepted here.

Thank you so much- I love reading this sort of thing.

Thank you everyone for reading this and commenting.

Ooops @afurpiece. Thanks for pointing that out.