Nameberry is being flooded with spam

Recently there has been A LOT of spam posts appearing here on Nameberry. What is real annoying is that whoever is doing it is creating a ton of new accounts, meaning to delete the spam I have to delete each one at a time. Could an administrator please look into what’s going on and if possible find some way to stop all those spam accounts from being created?


I’ve noticed this too, I’ve deleted a ton over the past week. I’ll send the site creators a note but at least the spam filters are catching most of it, even if we have to then delete it all.

Thanks so much for your help.

As a moderator (but not administrator) I can’t see the IP of where these spam accounts are coming from, but if it looks like they’re coming from the same source maybe put a restriction if someone tries to create too many new accounts from one address in a short amount of time?

Unfortunately, all we see is a generic IP. But you can avoid having to delete each item in the queue individually if you use the bar across the top to autofill the “delete” boxes. You still need to do a quick scan to check you aren’t deleting any legit posts with the spam, but it’s much quicker. I’ve notified the site creators so I’ll let you know if a solution is found.

I know this is getting sorted. But today I’ve noticed there’s twice as much spam on my screen than normal…

@river_dweller Are you talking about spammy Forum posts, or ads? I was under the impression that all of the spam we’re seeing (and deleting) isn’t making it to the publicly visible forum. What kind of thing are you seeing?

Oh good I’m glad y’all already know there was a lot of porn spam and I know we have members that are young teens so I was a little worried. Thank you for being on top of things :black_heart:

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Yes, it’s worrying! Please, please flag anything inappropriate you see. The mod team will get a notification and will get to it as soon as they can.

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