names for a speculative fiction WIP

i’m writing a work of speculative fiction taking place in the near future. the gist of the plot is that the u.s. government has collapsed and the country sucumbed to anarchy and mob rule. a girl discovers a room in area 51 that sends her to an alternate plane of existence. a mysterious figure called the narrator declares her unwelcome and commands her to “reconcile”–what, she doesn’t know.

this WIP takes place about 50 years in the future, so i’d like names that are uncommon but not too futuristic. the only two names i have for sure are nico and teddy. i’d like names for both adults and teenagers, so names that are right on the edge of popularity right now would be pretty good for the adults, but i’ll accept more far-fetched things for the teenagers. i need male and female names.

i’d also like a name for the alternate universe. i’d like something similar to the upside-down from stranger things.

thanks in advance.

Unfortunately I’m terrible naming anything other than characters, so I will have to stick to those.







Good luck with your story!

thank you so much darling! i will definitely be using several of these. xx

if anyone else has more ideas, they would be appreciated. <3