names for family ina victorian picture

Victorian Family

[name]Hi[/name] Berries. I am currently writing a story set in modern day but my character finds a picture of a victorian family with names on the back(This is what I need your help with). I really could do with some victorian names for this family.

Mother: A woman of around 37 with long brown hair tied up in a bun. She has a paper thin waist and spindly arms. Her head is narrow and she looks distant (not connected to the world). Her face is drained of any emotion as she stares blankly into the camera. She is stood next to her husband with her eight children sitting around her. She looks exhausted but determined to succeed.

Father: A man of around 39 with short blonde hair and pale coloured eyes. He is a decent sized man with a round belly and large-ish arms and legs. His head is round and even though he isn’t smiling he looks happy and peaceful. He stands with his arm around his lady’s waist looking proud of his many children who sit around him.

1st Daughter: A girl of around 16 with long blonde hair that cascades down her back. She like her mother has a paper thin waist with spindly arms. Her head is also narrow but her cheeks are full. She too seems to be distant but has a wild look in her eyes.

2nd Daughter: A girl of around 14 with long brown hair tied in plaits and pale coloured eyes. She also has a paper thin waist and skinny arms and legs. She stands looking proud in a pale coloured pinnifor dress. Her eyes gaze into the camera, she looks happy but tired.

1st [name]Son[/name]: A boy of around 13 with short dark hair and dark eyes. He is short and thin. He looks bored and like he can’t wait for the photo to be over. He stands tall holding a toy boat with big dark sails.

3rd Daughter: A girl of around 11 with long dark hair scraped back into a neat bun. She looks pleased, like she has just accomplished something no one thought she could do.

2nd [name]Son[/name]: A boy of around 10 with short blonde hair. He sits on the floor below his father’s feet looking up as if he someday would like to be like his father.

4th Daughter: A girl of around 8 with long blonde hair in pigtails. She sits next to her brother on the floor pulling at the hem of her pale coloured dress. You can clearly see she has pulled ladders in her dark coloured tights. She looks mischievous.

5th Daughter: A girl of around 5 with long dark hair laying loose around her shoulders. She sits on the floor her baby brother in arms. She is treating him like a doll squeezing his cheeks and smiling.

3rd [name]Son[/name]: A boy of around 1 years of age.

Maybe this can help you:

I would do…

Mother: Maud
Father: Herbert
Daughter #1: Eugenie
Daughter #2: Theodora
Daughter #3: Clementina
Daughter #4: Beatrice
Daughter #5: Augusta
Son #1: Laurence
Son #2: Vincent
Son #3: Maurice