Names from the local NICU

Hello all! Here are some interesting names I came across in a NICU. Thoughts?

Daythan (boy)… because [name]Nathan[/name] is so 2008.

Izach (boy)… I’m sure it is to be pn like [name]Issac[/name]

Aless (girl)… as in [name]Alice[/name].

Neilonie (girl)… I’m pretty sure that’s how it was spelled. I don’t even know how to pn it haha.

[name]Draven[/name] (boy)…

Kentley (girl)… if it wasn’t so obviously trendy, it could possibly be cute. But it’s too similar to [name]Haley[/name], [name]Bailey[/name], etc.

[name]Emiley[/name] (girl)… so I think it’s supposed to be like [name]Emily[/name], but phonetically, bc I see miley and it reminds me of smiley, I want to pronounce it ee-miley.

Brayson (boy)… I think the ‘rayson’ trend is going to be the next ‘aden’ trend.

[name]Jaycob[/name] (boy)…

[name]Burford[/name] (boy)… never heard it, unfortunately, I think I’d rather be named [name]Pilot[/name] or Tootsie.

Kausee [name]Kate[/name] nn K.K. (girl)… I don’t know how to pn it (Kausee), but I believe they are originally from the South, so perhaps this is a southern name?

Daythan (boy)… this is [name]WAY[/name] too close to [name]Nathan[/name]…All I imagine are people asking 'you mean like [name]Nathan[/name] with a D?"

Izach (boy)… Kind of like this one :slight_smile:

Aless (girl)… this is the name of a birth control pill.

Neilonie (girl)… hmmm…

[name]Draven[/name] (boy)… not bad.

Kentley (girl)… not liking

[name]Emiley[/name] (girl)… no!

Brayson (boy)… Ew

[name]Jaycob[/name] (boy)… Why???

[name]Burford[/name] (boy)… Maybe [name]Buford[/name] :slight_smile:

Kausee [name]Kate[/name] nn K.K. (girl)… KK? from the South? Hmmm…

I wish it was [name]Buford[/name]! Still not my favorite, but better than [name]Burford[/name]. I promise though, there was an ‘r’ haha! And I meant I wonder if Kausee is a southern name, not KK. I should check and see what her last name is… I pray to God it’s doesn’t begin with a K.

I would be careful if I were you… HIPAA is a huge deal! If those names were printed in the newspaper or on a website, what you did is OK. If not, you are violating those parents’ privacy rights. [name]Just[/name] an FYI…

I think it would be an issue if she took last names. I don’t think firsts are a big deal although they are pretty unique first names… :slight_smile:

Daythan sounds like saying [name]Nathan[/name] with a bad head cold

It’s not a HIPPA violation as I didn’t identify the city or hospital where I am and, most importantly, I didn’t provide the last names. I don’t even know the last names, for that matter. And the hospital does do announcements on their website. Thanks for the concern though.

I actually made up my 3rd’s middle name to honor both my mom and Dad. Apparently this is common in some places.
Instead of Kentley, I did Kenlin.

FYI, [name]Dathan[/name] was a bad guy in the old Testament. In The Ten Commandments, he was played by [name]Edward[/name] G. [name]Robinson[/name] and was a villian.

Wow. These are all awful! Poor kids =(