Names not showing up with color

Often when I list names in a new thread or a reply, they don’t appear automatically with the gender color when I post. I know you can do it manually bit that’s a lot of work, and I don’t quite understand why it’s not generating automatically.

Any help to resolve this would be great!

Sometimes it takes time for the system to catch up— it might autopopulate, but later. Other times, the system may not be recognizing it as a name? If it’s not either of those, I’m not sure, sorry!

It often takes a few minutes. Though sometimes when you edit the post before it gets linked, it doesn’t get linked. I guess it’s because you edit the post when the system tries to add links, but it can’t because you are editing it and when you click “save”, it saves without the links.
But I’m not a technology expert or something so you better wait for a staff member’s answer :grin:

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Yes, as above. [name_m]Just[/name_m] give it a few minutes! The program that puts the links in runs automatically every 5-10 mins, so it can take a little while to show up.

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Thanks so much, I appreciate the answer!

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