Names numerology addiction!

In my idle and obsessive searching about names on the internet I found a website about the numerology of names.
They take the name and work out the typical personality based on number patterns in the name- some names are luckier than others (so they say).
At first I scoffed and laughed a bit. But when I put in the names of my nearest and dearest it did have many creepily uncanny similarities. That kind of got me hooked.

Now comes the bad part…I got the names I LOVED and put them in to see what personality description might match a future child with that name. I know, trying to have a crystal ball is perhaps a foolish game? Well this foolish game has turned me crazy about my names. The problem is that names I liked perhaps didn’t have favourable descriptions, or might have contained personality traits I deemed ‘not ideal’.

Anyway, this obsession has seen some names I thought I loved suddenly seem less ideal based on those descriptions. Now they seem tainted.
Has anyone else ever considered something like numerology when choosing a name?

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas about how I can love my names again I am willing to hear them.

You just got me interested and it scared me how accurate it was! I used my own name and it was like I was reading about myself.

I think it’s cool, but at the same time, I don’ think it’ll change how I feel about names, I mean everyone is different, sure it was pretty accurate for me, but there were some things I didn’t agree with.

Numerology to me is kind of like the zodiac or astrological signs. They are hit or misses. Like I’m totally a Pisces and a sheep, but my fiance fits rabbit, but he is nothing like a sagittarius.

I just entered in my fiance’s name, yeah, it was a miss…

Interesting yours matched! (oh and I am a Pisces too, Pisceans rock) Mine was very accurate, [name]Brooke[/name] was very much her description (even down to prospective career choices!), the other children and nieces/nephews matched… by DH’s was a bit “hmmm, yes and no”.

It’s very interesting to think about, but I don’t think I would take it too seriously. I entered my name and some wasn’t at all like me, other parts were dead-on.

[name]Do[/name] I take numerology seriously? Not as much. To me, it’s like reading your horoscope or opening a fortune cookie; fun to read, especially if they are good things, but may not always be accurate. For example, try entering a name that isn’t really a name (or a name that would be dreadful to have). Does it have a lot of nice things to say about it? [name]Even[/name] so, it doesn’t mean you should name your child Jello Puddingpie or something of the sort.

I was tottaly OBSESSED with numerology but not really for names. So, I tried it out with my favorites…

1-Initiative, independant, forceful (masculine)
2- [name]Diplomacy[/name], tact, attention to detail (feminine)
3- Spirutial, ambitios, succesful, lucky
4- material labor, routine, unlucky
5- imagination, charm, adventurous
6- success by working with another, domestic, tenacity
7- poets and readers, misunderstood, magic
8- organizer, judgemental, financial success
9-sympathy, genorosity, artistic talent (higher octave, teacher, master)

[name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Ree[/name]: Methods- 9 Motives- 7 Apperence- 2
[name]Tyla[/name] [name]Cosette[/name]: Methods- 1 Motives- 8 Apperence- 2:
[name]Israel[/name] [name]Sarah[/name] (ME!): Methods- 4 Motives- 2 Apperence- 2:
[name]Anthony[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]: Methods- 8 Motives- 9 Apperence- 8

Haha, fun! (:

If you only knew lol.

I got really into numerology years back, and now I’m in so deep that I don’t even consider name combos that don’t add up to a favourable number (3, 6 are tops and then 9, 1).
I’m also dreading if I ever marry someone who’s last name throws off my combos. :frowning:

At any rate, I’ve gotten so quick with the calculations that I do them in my head all the time now, and I’ve memorized the numbers of many names. Makes it easy to check up new ideas, but also makes it a burden because I can’t ever shake my addiction!

I’d never name by daughter [name]Alessandra[/name] [name]Noelle[/name] for example, because with my SO’s last name it adds to a 5 which is undesirable to me.

There’s also this site that you enter full names into and it gives your number and reading on your Inner Soul or Urge, Personality, Quiescent self, and [name]Destiny[/name]/Ultimate Goal.
The link is here: Your Numerology Colors
I find it HIGHLY accurate for myself, and I use it to fine tune my combo ideas and nix ideas.

Also, keep in mind doing readings on other people isn’t as accurate as yourself because you don’t ever “truly” know a person, you only know what they show you/what you can see. There’s always an inner side to a person others don’t really see or know.

But yeah, sorry! No ideas on how to get yourself to shake it off, I find it incredibly accurate.

[name]East[/name]- THANKYOU!!!
I feel like such an idiot because some names I used to like I have started going off because of what they mean. But I am new, and don’t quite get the link with last names and middle names. [name]Just[/name] looked up individual names.
For example: I liked [name]Phoebe[/name]… but now I read the description I think… hmm she sounds like a bit of an emo and not exactly outgoing. But if as a whole name it changed then maybe it would still be ok?
[name]How[/name] do you work it out?

Well the first name is the most potent, because that’s what they’re called primarily. It’s also what’s put on the birth certificate, so it’s like their official stamp. [name]Even[/name] with a name change the energies of the original name never completely leave.

With the middles and the last, altogether they give out the final “name number”, which has a frequency based on the name number, and everything.

There are three components to name numbers, which I touched on in my first post.
I’ve also heard of the analysis/importance of the first letter of the first name itself. That I find to be accurate as well! It’s also a reason why I wouldn’t change my name to an E name, the energy with an E initial a) don’t feel right for me and b) are undesirable in numerological senses.

My overall name number is a 3 which is accurate in that I long/am highly attracted to creativity, “magic”, communication.
The energies of [name]Phoebe[/name] can be toned down, or increased based on the whole name combo. That’s one reason why I love that link I gave you, I can check out combos and see how a change in spelling/name will affect the overall combo. :slight_smile:

I hope that was of some help.

I happen to believe in numerology. I was never so involved in it that I wold name my first children using it, but this time around, I might.

I have noticed dates and addresses that appear and reappear in my life as positive and negative.

Does anyone have a link to these sites?

[name]East[/name], that site is AWESOME!!! Thanks.

Hmmm, none of it describes me. Maybe it doesn’t work for me lol. It’s fun and interesting to read about, though.