Names of Etruscan Origin

I have always found the Etruscan civilisation (and especially the language) absolutely fascinating - we owe the existence of the Latin alphabet to this race, of whom most people (myself included) know hardly anything! So, just for fun, I have composed a list of Etruscan girls’ names. What do you think?

Alichsantre, Alechsantre, Alcsentre, Elchsntre, Elachśantre, Elachśntre, Elcste
Aita, Eita
Elinei, Elinai, [name_f]Elina[/name_f]
Palmithe, Talmithe

The history behind them would definitely make those names meaningful, but I would be a bit worried that they would be hard for a modern day baby to wear - they just seem like so much name. Still, very pretty names. If you are looking for more names of the same origin, the following link might be a good resource (not a history buff, so can’t vouch for its accuracy but seems like it would be a reliable source): Etruscan Names

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps, and that my doubts don’t put you off of a name you love. I didn’t mean to be harsh or rude at all, I just have a very traditional style - aka probably boring by berry standards :slight_smile:

I think the names below would be usable. I’m not too sure about the remaining names. Would anyone be able to pronounce most of them? [name_f]Elina[/name_f] is a popular name in Scandinavia. My favourite is [name_f]Althaia[/name_f]. Thanks for sharing!


@slytherdor15 - Thank you very much - I’m not actually looking for names for a child, and would never name my child any of these names (as a first name, at least), but I just find them fascinating to look at (and fun to say, if I can even try - some of the names are a little confusing to say the least…) and so composed a list for others to enjoy too; however, thank you for your feedback were I ever to consider any of them - it’s always helpful and interesting to hear what others say.

@mischa - Thank you for your comment; having loved your threads on saints’ names, I decided to create my own (rather less lengthy, unfortunately!) list of names I though others might like to look at. I’m actually thinking of doing one per week, just because I enjoy doing it so much!

I hope you decide to make an interesting list every a week! I always love to read about the unusual names people have heard or seen on their travels. :slight_smile:

Cool list!

I think [name_f]Elina[/name_f] is beautiful and would be usable for a modern child. And I would love to know how to pronounce Calanice, it looks beautiful.

@mischa - I might try, but first I need to find some interesting names… Thanks for the encouragement (and the original idea, actually!)

@jtucker - I think they are so beautiful, just to look at! Calanice does look gorgeous - any native Etruscan speakers, feel free to come out of the woodwork and help with pronunciation, please? =)