Names that bug you, or names you're sick of hearing?

I’m getting to the point where if I meet another girl named [name]Grace[/name] I’m going to pull my hair out. It’s perfectly wonderful name, but I swear I hear it everywhere! And if her name isn’t [name]Grace[/name] or [name]Gracie[/name], then he middle name is [name]Grace[/name]. I actually had someone tell me they liked that we named our daughter [name]Katherine[/name], but they would have named her [name]Katherine[/name] [name]Grace[/name]. :shock:

Does anyone else get this way about a specific name?

[name]Alexander[/name]/ [name]Alex[/name] - when my aunt and uncle named my cousin this 14+ years ago, my first thought was, does the world really need another [name]Alex[/name]?

[name]Harper[/name] and [name]Honor[/name]. I think it’s because they sound hideous with my accent - “Haah-puh” and “On-nuh.” Bleurgh. I can appreciate that the American accent and other accents that actually pronounce Rs make them sound way nicer, but every time I read them in my accent it really gets under my skin!

Like a lot of people I’m sick of the [name]Aiden[/name], [name]Jayden[/name], [name]Kayden[/name], [name]Brayden[/name], etc. names but there are 2 names that are becoming popular that I detest - [name]Olive[/name] and [name]Clementine[/name].

To me these names are beyond ugly, especially [name]Olive[/name]. The word sounds ugly and the meaning is not much better.

In Mexico City, where I live - [name]Regina[/name], nn [name]Regis[/name]. They’re everywhere!!! Close second – [name]Isabella[/name].

Thank you for this topic! I just HAVE to yell to the world that I detest and loathe [name]Kate[/name], [name]Sarah[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], [name]Laura[/name] and [name]Jack[/name]! I’m sorry, nothing personal to anyone, I just feel they are ‘dime-a-dozen’ names with no imagination, individuality or substance to them. I also agree with a previous [name]Berry[/name] post saying she is tired of all the [name]Brayden[/name]'s and [name]Jayden[/name]'s, which is very strange for me to say as I seem to lean toward ‘-…n’ ending names - Check out my list! I am sorry to read about the [name]Grace[/name] & [name]Alex[/name] posts, as I really do love these names, but agree that they are, sadly for me, over-used :frowning:

[name]Caylin[/name]!! Or [name]Caelen[/name], [name]Kaylin[/name], [name]Kaelin[/name]-I know of four now, boys and girls. This seems to be one of those names that everyone thinks is really unique except that everyone else does too!!

also, can’t stand the name Kipton!!!

I hate the names [name]Ruby[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]. When I hear [name]Ruby[/name] I think of the song “[name]Ruby[/name], [name]Don[/name]'t Take Your [name]Love[/name] to Town” and [name]Pearl[/name] just conjures up images of a little old lady with blue hair. I just can’t imagine a little girl with either of these names.

I’ll add “[name]Winnie[/name]” to the list also. I know a lot of people think that’s a cute little nickname but I think it’s beyond awful.

For boys - I agree with the [name]Aiden[/name], [name]Jayden[/name] list above. I also strongly dislike names like [name]Gage[/name]/[name]Gauge[/name], [name]Chance[/name], or [name]Chase[/name]. Tacky.

[name]Madison[/name] and [name]Addison[/name], a lot of the -ley, -lee names like [name]Brinlee[/name], [name]Hailey[/name] or [name]Kenley[/name]. And surnames co-opted for girls. in my memory the surname as first name for a girl equates with “preps” and unfortunately with thoughtless snobs. (Yes, middle school was torture).

Truthfully, there is something jarring about seeing a girl who appears to be groomed to be a stereotypical ultra-feminine princess and a hearing her called “[name]Peyton[/name]” or" [name]Hadley[/name]". It calls up all kinds of negative associations for me.

And all those variations of “[name]Aiden[/name]”. I thought I had heard them all, and then I met a [name]Zayden[/name]. I think that was the moment that name went from jumping the shark to landing tushie first on the other side for me.

Overly used names like [name]Isabella[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], [name]Madison[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name]. I also hate unique spellings of names…like [name]Kennadi[/name] (seriously).

I do love [name]Ava[/name], so hate that it’s so popular.

Hehehehe! The sad thing is that [name]Zayden[/name] is going to have to deal with being mistaken for a [name]Jayden[/name], [name]Kayden[/name] etc… all his life.

Other names I’m definitely tired of:
[name]Chloe[/name] (growing up, I knew a girl named this and she was the ONLY one. Now it’s everywhere.)
[name]Liam[/name] (sadness! Used to be my #1 boy’s name)

And then there’s the name I don’t think should exist in the first place: [name]Nevaeh[/name] (shudders…)

I don’ think I could say that I’m tired of hearing anyone’s name–all these names belong to actual, heart-and-soul people, but I think I get it. We used a name for our son that soon afterward became super popular, and varied. (We used traditional spelling.) I feel that it is so common, I sometimes resent hearing it on other little ones, especially when I know it gets the kind of reaction I’m seeing here. There are a few girls’ names that I would love to have used, but ditto. I’m not tired of hearing them, just annoyed and a little sad that they’ve been…co-opted. As if I owned them!

The heart and soul people are the good side of the what name bugs you equation. Ten years ago it was the name [name]Britney[/name] that sent oogy shivers down my back. Since then I’ve met a few lovely young women with that name. I am mentally preparing myself for the day my son brings his fianc”e, Haighlei [name]Skylar[/name] home to meet the family. I’d hate to have her first impression of me be clouded by a wince.
Of course, I named my son [name]Frederick[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], a lovely boy’s name with some tradition and some fun. In the last year [name]Quinn[/name] is an on the rise girl name. Sigh. Well, he still likes it and so do I!

[name]Veronica[/name]. I just hate the way it sounds.

As with many people, all the -aden names, and any yooneek spellings are things I could do without, as are [name]Addison[/name], [name]Avery[/name] and the middle name [name]Rose[/name]. A dime a dozen indeed!

My feelings with the over-used names is that, yes, a real person with a real life to live will have to live with that name, love it or hate it. But I can’t help but think how downright dumb it is to name a kid something that ten other kids in his/her kindergarten class will have. [name]Even[/name] if you lovelovelove the name, do you really want your kid to feel like their name is co-oped? A name is a very special, personal part of who we are. Which is why I cringe when another sorority sister or friend names their kid one of the following:
[name]Aiden[/name] (or [name]Adyn[/name], as one friend chose),

That said, the following names may not be overused, but I just can’t stand them:
[name]Madeline[/name]/[name]Madelyn[/name]/[name]Madeleine[/name] (Always the nickname: [name]Maddie[/name]! [name]How[/name] ugly is that? My apologies if you’ve chosen this name, but it just isn’t pretty. It sounds plain and just ick. Quite sad to say a close friend chose it.)
[name]Meredith[/name] (She just sounds mean and uptight.)
[name]Heather[/name] (Ick. And so over-done in the 80s.)
Any name that isn’t really a name, but an odd mash-up of sounds that usually ends in an “a.” ([name]Case[/name] in point: Quashmeka. Really?)

[name]Don[/name]'t like: [name]Enid[/name], [name]Zachary[/name], [name]Clementine[/name], [name]Aiden[/name] (specifically, I like [name]Hayden[/name] and don’t mind the others), [name]Claire[/name], [name]Ingrid[/name], [name]Penelope[/name], [name]Diana[/name], [name]Audrey[/name], [name]Helen[/name]/[name]Ellen[/name],[name]Cecelia[/name], [name]Greer[/name] and [name]Grady[/name]. Especially [name]Greer[/name] and [name]Grady[/name].

Sick of: [name]Ann[/name], [name]Lauren[/name], [name]Sofia[/name]

Boy, I have alot. Makes me sound like a name snob :smiley:

[name]Leo[/name], [name]Lionel[/name], [name]Jack[/name], [name]Olive[/name], [name]Lily[/name], [name]Lila[/name], [name]Lola[/name], [name]Olivia[/name], [name]Sophia[/name], [name]Clementine[/name] (the “clem” part bothers me to no end,) [name]Kaylee[/name] and its variants, [name]Aiden[/name] and its variants, [name]Matilda[/name], [name]Madeline[/name], [name]Jacob[/name], [name]Grace[/name]…pretty much anything uber popular and overused or spelled untraditionally, except in a very few cases. I’m also tired of hearing names that sound like Grandmas. [name]Opal[/name], [name]Pearl[/name], [name]Blanche[/name], [name]Fleur[/name]

Most disliked: [name]Nevaeh[/name] and anything with a nickname of [name]Elly[/name] or [name]Ella[/name]

I agree that I wouldn’t want my child to be one of eight [name]Sophia[/name]'s or [name]Olivia[/name]'s or [name]Isabelle[/name]'s in her class. She’ll always be “the other [name]Olivia[/name].” Why can’t I just have the only [name]Saskia[/name], or the only [name]Paulina[/name], or whatever it happens to be.

But I can’t help but think how downright dumb it is to name a kid something that ten other kids in his/her kindergarten class will have.

But… that is statistically very unlikely to happen even with the most popular name in the country. I don’t know the stats for boys, but the top 5 most popular girl names each are only given to about 1 out of every 100 girls. The only name that this really works for is “[name]Aiden[/name],” simply because all its derivations add up to (probably) more like 1 in every 10.

Hell, even the name [name]Jennifer[/name] - which was far more common for our generation than any name will be for this new one - I’ve known seven or eight of them, but they were all different ages.

Anyway, I don’t mind names just because they are popular. I wouldn’t use them, but they don’t bug me for that reason alone - [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Sophia[/name], and [name]Chloe[/name] are all fine names. Ditto [name]Alexander[/name], [name]Benjamin[/name], [name]Nathan[/name], etc.

Trends I really hate:

(1) Names with no history or substance - e.g. [name]Kaylee[/name], [name]Alyssa[/name]
(2) Names that are “cool” because they’re vaguely Scottish or Irish - e.g. [name]Braden[/name], [name]Lochlan[/name], [name]Declan[/name] - or names that are decidedly English - [name]Liam[/name], [name]Gavin[/name]. I just think most sound ridiculous, trendeigh, and without substance. (In, you know, [name]America[/name].)
(3) Boy names on girls - it’s unfortunate that we live in a time when masculine gender identity is protected so much more than feminine gender identity, but that’s the reality right now, and the more boy names are stolen for girls, the less they can be used for boys. And there are already only like, half as many boys’ names as girls’ names.
(4) Girl names that sound like the alphabet farted vowels - e.g. [name]Eliana[/name], [name]Ariana[/name]. They’re trying too hard to be a little feminine farty cloud. I like some damn girly-girl names, but these take it to the point of absurdity [name]IMO[/name]. I knew an [name]Olivia[/name] growing up and she was the world’s biggest tomboy, of course.
(5) Tacking on feminized endings to male names is something I’ve never been very fond of, but tacking on feminized endings to FEMALE names is something that drives me bonkers. [name]Gracelyn[/name] is redundant and stupid. [name]Grace[/name] is already a girl’s name.

And most importantly…

(6) Misspelled names. Makes parents look illiterate and makes it that much harder for the kids - not just in job interviews way down the road, but starting from the beginning. Whose English teacher do you think will expect more of her - [name]Chloe[/name] or [name]Khloe[/name]?

So true! In 2005 I would have named my son [name]Grace[/name] had he been a girl. By the time I had another girl in 2008 I was so sick of [name]Gracie[/name] I wouldn’t even consider the name. Souns like Gravey to me. (I named her [name]Katharine[/name] fwiw)

[name]Jasmine[/name]. I am so sick of that name, and all of it’s variants. (No offense to any one of course)

The -aden trend, I’m very tired of, and overly misspelled names.

Names that are overly old-fashioned tend to irk me too.