Names That Could Be

I’m not sure if this game makes sense, but it’s worth a try!

Since I was little, I’ve always had long lists of names. A lot of the names on the lists aren’t actually real (or are very rare). It got me thinking, does anyone else have names that aren’t real on their lists or as guilty pleasures? I’ll start by saying some of my favourites:

Eastella (g)
Selkie (g)
Calya (g, it is a name but very rare as far as I can tell)
Zaylo (b)

PS: Please remember to check before posting to make sure it’s not a popular or semi-popular name in another language!

I also love Selkie!

Baleen (g)
Ozai (b)
Ruka (b)
Wise (b, I have met a man with this name but other than that I’ve never heard of it)
Dakarai (b)
Zokai (b)
Zeben (b, again I have met one man with this name)
Zajac (b, met a man with this as his surname)
Sirenee (g)
Forge (b)
Helix (b)

I really like Emelaya and Camanda

I really like [name_f]Selkie[/name_f] and Calya!