Names that evoke wide horizons and fresh air

I’ve been trying to come up with names that evoke fresh air, wide skies and open plains. I think its the sort of category that everyone has different associations with to some extent, but I’d love to hear your ideas. I’m specifically looking for girls names because we’re expecting a daughter in February (but boys names would be interesting too). I love nature names and also names that have a more subtle connection to the great outdoors.

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for me Berries!

I personally love the names [name]Prairie[/name] and [name]Echo[/name]


[name]Skye[/name] and [name]Dawn[/name] were the first two that came to mind.

[name]Savannah[/name] seems to fit the bill!

Tillery (river in [name]Wales[/name])

Wow, these are all beautiful names! I always think of [name]Juniper[/name] because of a trip we took to the [name]California[/name] desert, and in fact all the [name]June[/name] names because the month of [name]June[/name] is one of my favourites where we live in the English countryside. [name]Bird[/name] names like Nightingale, [name]Alouette[/name] remind me of blue skies and summer days too. And then there are names like [name]Lucy[/name]/[name]Lucille[/name] and [name]Clara[/name] meaning bright or light make me think of sunshine.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Azure[/name], [name]Aurora[/name] and [name]Celeste[/name]! :slight_smile:




I love Willa. Makes me think of wilderness, wind, outdoor beauty.


[name]Blythe[/name] has that feeling for me.

[name]Linnet[/name] (A type of [name]Finch[/name])


Last year I worked with a girl who wanted to name her first son [name]Field[/name] if she had one. It’s definitely out there but I figured it fit your category!