Names that mean Bronze?

Hello, I am looking for names that mean Bronze, or [name]Golden[/name]!


Right off the top of my head I thought of [name]Aurelia[/name], it means golden. Maybe someone else can get a few more for you!

Names meaning bronze and/or golden:
Tun” - Turkish. The name is male. (I can’t recall if you asked for male names or female names, but I’ll list them of both genders. ^^;)
[name]Aranka[/name] - Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name]. [name]Said[/name] ah [name]RAN[/name] kuh or ah [name]RAN[/name] kah.
[name]Aurel[/name] - [name]Male[/name], meaning [name]Golden[/name], Latin.
Aur”le - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Aurelia[/name] - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Aurelian[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Little[/name] [name]Golden[/name] One.
Aur”liane - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Little[/name] [name]Golden[/name] One.
Aurelianus - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Little[/name] [name]Golden[/name] One.
Aur”lie - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Aur”lien - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Little[/name] [name]Golden[/name] One.
[name]Aurelio[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Aurelius[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Auriane - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Auriel[/name] - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Auriol[/name] - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Awreja - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Chryseis - Female, Greek, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Cressida[/name] - Female, Greek, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Criseyde - Female, Greek, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Flavia[/name] - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Flavian[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Flavie[/name] - Female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Flavien[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
[name]Flavius[/name] - [name]Male[/name], Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name].
Goldwine - [name]German[/name], Female, meaning [name]Golden[/name] [name]Friend[/name]. [name]Said[/name] “[name]GOLD[/name] wine”, and is a form of [name]Goldwyn[/name].
[name]Goldwyn[/name] - [name]German[/name], Female, meaning [name]Golden[/name] [name]Friend[/name]. This is much nicer than Goldwine in my opinion, because Goldwine seems to be only “[name]Gold[/name]” and “Wine” put together. Not good. xD [name]Said[/name] [name]GOLD[/name] wyn.
[name]Oralia[/name] - Latin, Female, meaning [name]Golden[/name]. [name]Said[/name] oh RAYL yah.
[name]Orel[/name] - [name]Both[/name] male and female, Latin, meaning [name]Golden[/name]. Hmm, though…? Hebrew meaning is “[name]Light[/name] of God”. It is said OR el.
[name]Marigold[/name] - English, Female, meaning [name]Golden[/name] [name]Mary[/name]. [name]Said[/name] MEH ree gold.
[name]Orla[/name] - Gaelic, female, meaning [name]Golden[/name] [name]Princess[/name]. [name]Said[/name] OR lah.

There you go! If there are any others you need to know how to say, please tell me. (:

Midas - could turn things to gold
Zlatan - Serbian for [name]Gold[/name]
[name]Zahavi[/name]/[name]Zehavi[/name] - [name]Gold[/name]
Aureo - [name]Gold[/name]
[name]Boyd[/name] - Yellow-[name]Gold[/name]
Crisanto - [name]Gold[/name] flower
[name]Goldwin[/name] - comapnion of [name]Gold[/name]
Heema/Hem/Hema - [name]Gold[/name]
Hemadri - Mountain of gold
[name]Jin[/name] - [name]Gold[/name]
[name]Orvil[/name]/[name]Orville[/name] - [name]Gold[/name] town
[name]Pazel[/name] - Gods gold
Pazi - My gold
Sovann - Like gold

They’re all boys names since this is in the boys name section but their are lots of girl names too